8 Most Anticipated Hollywood Movies Released in September 2023

September is just a month away from Halloween every year and therefore the spooky vibes reach us along with great movies! Yes, that’s true- many horror, and thriller Hollywood movies released in September- and some of the most awaited ones too. But worry not, there are many romantic, thriller, comedy, and family dramas and also a lot more as a surprise gift! Hollywood sure produces out-of-the-box thrillers and movies like the recent releases that we saw (Oppenheimer and Barbie!) Let’s check out these 8 Hollywood Movies Released in September 2023.

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1. The Equalizer 3 | September 1 | Theatrical Release

The successful Vigilante crime movie franchise ‘The Equalizer’ is back after a COVID wait since the second installment’s release in 2018. The third part shows our hero Robert McCall living in Southern Italy and providing justice to the pressed. However, soon he discovers that his new friends in the town are in big trouble because of Mafia bosses terrorizing their lives. He takes on his ‘action avatar’ to fight and help his friends.

2. Golda | September 1 | Theatrical Release

Golda is a war drama and a biographical film depicting the life of Golda Meir, the Prime Minister of Israel, who handled the war crises efficiently during the Yom Kippur War (the 1973 Arab-Israeli war). It shows the tense and ticking clock 19 days during a huge war that broke out in Isreal and now the PM has to be quick on her feet to save her nation. The movie is a fast thriller that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat!

3. The Nun 2 | September 8 | Theatrical Release

The Nun 2 is a horror thriller movie that is a sequel to the famous first part- The Nun. This is another movie from the ‘Conjuring’ world and the character of Nun scared many viewers- creating the character quite famous among them! A lot of memes and prank videos were also famous during the release of the first installment in 2018. The Nun II is set in France in 1956, where a priest is murdered and a lot of evil events start happening inside the church- looks like Sister Irene again has to put her brave face forward and save everyone from this demonic force.

4. Poor Things | September 8 | Theatrical Release

It is a Sci-fi fantasy movie that shows a woman named Bella brought back to life by a scientist. To enjoy her second chance at life- the woman runs away on an adventure with a lawyer and starts working on purpose to bring equality, and liberation in this world. The movie stars two Academy Award-winning actors Emma Stone, and Mark Ruffalo playing lead roles in the movie. It looks like an unskippable movie- right?

5. A Haunting In Venice| September 15 | Theatrical Release

This cozy murder mystery is based on the novel by the mystery queen Agatha Christie about a case of murder that happens at a Halloween seance at a haunted place in Venice, Italy. And the person who solves the case is none other than the famous Belgian sleuth from the Agatha Christie novels- Hercule Poirot! If you like a good old ‘whodunnit’ story where you are solving the case along with the detective. Sounds about perfect for a weekend watch, right?

6. The Expendables 4 | September 22 | Theatrical Release

It is an action-adventure film franchise that has got the fantastic Expendables team to fight against the high power that seems invincible in front of all the other defenses. In this movie, the team has to gather up and fight against a drug dealer who has privately created a secret army of his own that the Expendables have to go against. The movie also called ‘Expend4bles’ needs to receive as much love and support as the first two parts got so watch it!

7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 | September 8 | Theatrical Release

It is a rom-com drama movie that is the 3rd installment that shows the story of the Portokalos family who are going on a trip to Greece for a reunion after a long time since the death of Gus. The movie is expected to have a lot of beautiful shots from Athens, and Corfu- where major parts of the movie were shot. Also, the movie was delayed due to COVID, so if you are a fan of romcoms and haven’t watched these famous movies- it’s time to binge-watch them before enjoying the latest installment of the film series!

8. After Everything | September 13 | Netflix

This is the fifth movie in the ‘After..’ series of novels by Anna Todd.  It could have the potential to become the best one! It is a romance drama movie that continues the story from the previous film Harding Scott, the best-selling author who tries to mend his ways after his past break up and travels to Portugal to clear his mind. This is the continuation of the previous movie- After Ever Happy, and is the final installment of the whole series.

Which is your choice of movie that you have decided to watch? Tell us your preferences from all the 8 Hollywood Movies Released in September 2023 in the comments.

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