How Bisexuals Solve the Dating Dilemma

Understanding bisexuality as a term can vary greatly from person to person. Someone sees promiscuity in this, while others see personality acceptance, regardless of gender. Fortunately, now, in the age of advanced technology and the availability of information, many myths about bisexuals and their romantic relationships have been dispelled. Thanks to online dating, people can be who they are and find who they really want to be with, without facing the dating dilemma. Some internal restrictions still exist; however, with dating sites it can be much easier to overcome them.

What Does it Mean to be Bisexual?

While straight people feel attracted to the opposite sex and gay people feel attracted to the same sex, bisexuals can feel attracted to both men and women. People often think that bisexuals can’t choose which side they belong to. However, that isn’t true. Bisexuality is a valid sexual orientation that should be made more visible and respected. The attraction bisexuals feel towards men and women often isn’t in a 50-50 ratio. They can still like men or women more, but the key point is that they feel attracted to more than one gender. Due to the stigma, many bisexuals struggle to come out of the closet. Some research showed that bisexual women in relationships with men are least likely to come out.

How and Where Bisexual Dating Begins

Dating isn’t easy for anyone, let alone for bisexuals. When they come out to their potential partner, they’re often rejected because of their sexual orientation. Straight people often dismiss bisexuals’ same-sex relationships as „an experimental phase.“ Gay people sometimes don’t accept bisexuals as a part of the LGBTQ community if they’re dating or have been with the opposite sex. Luckily, today there are many dating websites, and among them, there are some for bisexuals and bi-curious people. Joining bi chat rooms full of singles of both genders helps bisexuals with more than finding partners for hookups. They can ask questions about sexuality and get answers from more experienced singles. That is very helpful for those who wonder if they are bisexual and have no one in real life to talk to about that. Bi chat rooms are becoming safe places to learn about sexual identity in a stigma-free atmosphere.

How to Determine if You or Your Partner Are Bisexual?

There is no one scientific way to determine if you or your partner are bisexual. Even though some online quizzes claim they can determine if you are bi, you are the only one who can know that. Many bisexuals were dating only people of the opposite sex for years before they realized they are also attracted to people of the same sex.

Here are some signs you can pay attention to and some questions to ask yourself or your partner.

  1. Despite dating people of the opposite sex, have you ever been attracted to a person of the same sex emotionally, sexually, or physically?
  2. What relationships do you enjoy watching (in real life or on the screen)?
  3. Does thinking about being bisexual makes you feel excited or comforted?
  4. Remember the friendships you had through life. Did you have more male or female friends? Maybe you had a crush on some of them without realizing it.
  5. Whose profiles do you most often view on dating sites – male or female?

Sexuality can be fluid. The fact that you have been only with people of the opposite sex doesn’t mean you can’t be bisexual now. Age has nothing to do with it, so it’s never too late to come out of the closet. If you feel comfortable using the label bisexual, do it. If you don’t, it can stay a private thing.

Dos and Don’ts for Building a Relationship with a Bisexual

Some people don’t want to date bisexuals because of their prejudices. Even though dating a bisexual is not very different from dating a straight or a gay person, here are some tips for building a relationship with a bisexual that work for online dating as well as offline dating. Respect their sexual orientation. Don’t brag about how they were gay/straight before they met you. Trust them. Don’t assume they are more likely to cheat because that isn’t true. Will someone cheat depends on the character, not sexual orientation. Don’t have prejudice. Bisexuals are often overly sexualized. But in reality, bi people can seek meaningful relationships or casual love affairs just like everyone else. Building a relationship takes time and effort. A good relationship should be based on trust and respect. That goes for all relationships, including the ones with bisexuals.

Bisexuals are facing a lot of stigma and prejudice while dating. It is never easy to come out to a potential partner, and the fear of being judged is always present. Dating websites for bi people make finding an understanding partner or a fun hookup much easier. These sites are also great platforms for bi-curious people to learn and explore their sexuality. Connecting with people who know where they’re coming from can give them a feeling of comfort and belonging.

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