How to analyse a football game before placing a bet

Having a flutter on your favourite football team can be a tricky business. There is a lot to consider before you put your hand in your pocket. And we are here today to give you some top tips to help you out. 

Some punters will simply go for the straightforward win, lose or draw bet. And quite often, they will wager their money on their favourite team, regardless of who they actually think will win the game. For them, it is a blind show of faith. 

If you watch the English games week-in and week-out, then you will have a decent idea of who is likely to win any given matchup. More intricate markets are much harder to predict. And for that reason, they will have much longer odds. 

For example, guessing who will be the first goalscorer and correctly predicting the final score, is super difficult. No one really knows the outcome of one of those markets, let alone two. So while some people feel they are pretty sure of themselves, it’s still a tough bet. 

But all gambling is a risk. And no matter how certain you are that something will happen, it can always go the other way. So let’s take a look at how you can try and analyse any given match before placing your bets. 

Recent form

Now, this goes without saying. But you need to pay close attention to how the teams have performed lately. If one of the sides has lost their last four games and the player’s heads are down, then it is likely that this run will continue especially against stronger opposition. 

Admittedly, they have to stop the rot one day. So it is probably best not to expect a definite loss if they are playing another team that isn’t having a great time either. 

This run of form can also affect goalscorer bets. If the regular striker is struggling to put the ball in the back of the net, then they may continue to struggle for a little while to come. 

One way you can give yourself a little insurance with this kind of scenario is to see if the striker regularly scores against that particular opposition. For some reason, there are some teams that a striker will score a goal against every time they play. 

Perhaps it is down to the opposition’s style of defence or maybe it is a complete coincidence. But if your main man always gets one past a particular team, then it’s probably worth a punt to say that they will continue to do so. 


Player fitness and injuries can have a huge impact on the result of the game. If some key players are absent, then this should affect your predictions. When only 7 of the starting 11 are available, this is a completely different game. And even if they are playing much weaker opposition, it will have a huge effect. 

Remember, you should always check the starting lineup before placing bets on any individual players. And this is also true for match result markets as well. If it isn’t the team starting 11 out there that you thought it was, then your bet may not be such a sure thing. 

Team rivalry

If the two teams in question come from the same area, then they’ll likely share some fierce rivalry. Derby days can produce some crazy results. And you never know which way a game will go. 

In games between Liverpool and Everton, for example, you might think that Liverpool is the strongest team. But when they face the Toffees at Goodison Park, the crowd can make a huge difference. And you might experience a huge upset. 

Match betting on Derby Day is not for the faint-hearted. 

Importance of the match

Finally, you need to know just how important that game is. If it’s a cup final, for example, then any result is possible.

That game could go either way even if one team is in the Premier League and the other team is in the Championship. You never know what might happen when passions run high and there is so much at stake. 

And some teams simply choke under pressure. If one of the outfits has lost several finals over the last few years, then who’s to say that this run of low confidence will change anytime soon. In a scenario where there is a huge amount to play for, the smart money goes on the team that is able to keep its head and perform at a peak level under pressure.

Place your bets

But just as important as game analysis is to find the best possible bookmaker. And when you’ve decided what bet you want to place, you need to know where to place it. And this is where football betting sites come in. The best betting sites may have fantastic odds, but they will vary across the markets. And this is why it’s important to have accounts open at 3 or 4 different football betting sites at the same time.

By doing so you can get different prices and football odds for various markets. You will see how they fluctuate between operators. And you want to have access to the very best price for every single bet that you place.

You should never settle for any old football betting sites. Do your homework, analyse the game and follow your head rather than your heart.

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