How To Equip a Cozy Bedroom In a Small Apartment – Tips and Tricks

The room for sleep and rest should be cozy and comfortable. These are mandatory conditions that should not be affected by the size and shape of the room itself. And if there are usually no problems with the arrangement of a large bedroom, then in the case of a room of small dimensions, the design of the room and the selection of furniture should be approached competently and deliberately.

To make a stylish, cozy and practical bed designs out of a small bedroom at the same time allows you to:

  • individual design interior;
  • modern finishing materials;
  • competent selection of shades and lighting;
  • compact but multifunctional furniture.

Interior style

The style of the bedroom premise largely determines all subsequent stages of the arrangement of the room. That is why the choice of design style is a top priority.

Today, experts call the following areas of interior design the most popular styles for the bedroom.

  1. Classic. A style that never gets old and never loses its freshness. In the case of a classic bedroom of a small area, light brown, pastel, pale pink and gray-white shades are priority. At the same time, decor elements can be decorated with silver and gilding. Particular attention should be paid to textiles, which should be natural and pleasant to the touch.
  2. Modern. This is an actual modern style, which is characterized by laconic forms and simple furnishings. The main element of such a bedroom is the bed, as well as all kinds of light sources, including windows. All other excesses and / or heaps, for example, panels or paintings, are inappropriate and unacceptable here. Moderation is observed both in decoration and in the choice of shades. Mirrors, glass and crystal, as well as metal elements with polished surfaces are used as decor.

  3. Provence. This French style is ideal for romantic natures. It is characterized by a light airy atmosphere, which is created through the use of light colors, floral ornaments and high-quality lighting. Natural fabrics, paper wallpapers and textured materials are used for decoration. A feature of modern Provence can be called artificially aged handmade wooden furniture, which provides a unique entourage and flavor.

  4. Minimalism. This style is ideal for any small room, including bedrooms. It provides maximum free space, and therefore the rooms seem spacious and light. The design of bedrooms in the style of minimalism involves the use of no more than three basic shades. In this case, the brightest of the colors should be used less than the other two. The walls are traditionally decorated in one tone, without any pattern or ornament, spotlights and low furniture are used.

  5. Loft. A style that is preferred by young people and bachelors. It is characterized by bare walls with a clear texture of stone or plaster, cold natural colors, multifunctional furniture that can be transformed, panoramic and/or stained glass windows. Here you can realize the most daring fantasies and ideas using various materials and furniture. The main thing is not to go beyond the urban style.

Wall decoration

To decorate the walls of a small bedroom, designers use decorative plaster or paper wallpaper. In the first case, the walls are specially prepared for painting, for which a textured or completely smooth surface is formed that matches the chosen style.

As for the wallpaper, their choice has some limitations. So, in a small room it is not recommended to use the canvases with:

  • large pattern;
  • oversaturated ornament;
  • too thin lines;
  • deep dark color.

The wallpaper for the bedroom should be decorated in pastel and light colors that promote peace. At the same time, vertical striped wallpaper will help to visually increase the space (raise the ceiling).

Models with a three-dimensional texture that create an original play of light and provide the effect of additional volume will also be relevant in a small bedroom. Among other things, you can look at 3D photo wallpapers. Such “pictures” with perspective images will also allow you to “expand” the space.


Textiles are of great importance in the arrangement of the bedroom, and therefore require careful selection according to the chosen style and color schemes. First of all, this applies to curtains.

For rooms with a wide window opening, it is best to buy one curtain that will occupy the entire space from wall to wall. Ideally, if it is slightly gathered and hanging freely.

Ceiling cornices will help to visually raise the ceilings, but in order to achieve the desired result, you need to choose models with a light, not a massive design.

The design of the curtains should be in harmony with the interior. This applies to both color and pattern. As for the quality of the material, it is best to use textiles made from natural fibers, which transmit light and air well, creating the most comfortable conditions for staying in the room.


In order not to clutter up the space, in a small bedroom there should not be many obsolete items.

It is recommended to use a bed without legs. Such models always look smaller. If you want to install an armchair in the bedroom, then the choice should be stopped on not bulky and sophisticated products, the upholstery of which can be in tune with the overall interior design, or contrast with it.

Of course, the bed takes center stage in the bedroom. Usually, it is placed in the center of the overall composition, with a headboard against the wall. At the same time, other furnishings are placed around the perimeter of the room so that there is enough free space for movement.

If the dimensions of the room are very tiny, then you should think about purchasing transformers, wardrobes or built-in furniture. In this case, a large and wide bed will simply be inappropriate, and a folding sofa or ottoman, as well as a bunk bed, if we are talking about a bedroom for children, can be a worthy alternative.

In a small bedroom, mirrors must be present. The presence of mirrors and reflective surfaces provides a visual increase in the space of the room. Today, for these purposes, mirror stripes on the walls, inserts in pieces of furniture, and various decorative elements are very often used.

Mirror chips look very impressive on ceilings, baguettes, cornices, etc.

Ceiling finish

The ceiling of the bedroom should not create a pressing and depressing effect, even a hint of it. It should be light, airy and light.

Today, due to their practicality, accessibility and aesthetics, stretch ceilings are very popular, which make it possible to form multi-level drops. Cloths of such designs can be glossy and matte. For a small bedroom, the first option is preferable because it “increases the space.” On the other hand, matte stretch ceilings are more conducive to relaxation.

In any case, you need to understand that suspended structures “eat up” part of the space that is necessary for their installation. However, such a solution allows you to install spotlights, which is an undoubted advantage.

Even in a small room, modern lighting devices allow you to perform zoning, delimiting the zone of active recreation and sleep, which interior designers skillfully use.

Color solutions

As the ear said, for decorating a small bedroom, it is recommended to use a light color palette. This does not mean that white should dominate. Shades are selected according to your taste preferences.

It should be noted that according to the canons of decoration, rooms with south-facing windows are decorated in cold colors, while in the interior of rooms on the north side of the building I often use warm shades.

In conclusion, let’s say that designers advise creating a corner at the head of the bed that would attract attention. It can be a cozy carpet, an original bedside table, a bright decorative element. Otherwise, everything is in your hands, because there are many solutions for decorating the bedroom, you just need to show your imagination.

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