How to place tennis bets and win Money?

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​​Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world, both in terms of spectator interest and in terms of the volume of bets. Of course, the topic is too vast to seriously expect to cover it in a short article, so let’s draw your attention only to the key points.

You can test your luck and place a tennis bet hassle-free. You just need to register at the bet winner website, showcase your picture-perfect strategy, and the rest is history.

In order to make a profitable bet on tennis, the bettor should take into account a lot of factors, starting from the coverage of the court and ending with the variability of the odds. Let’s take a closer look at some aspects.

Ranking points

Pay attention to whether or not an athlete must defend ranking points. This gives extra motivation. Tennis rankings are based on the principle of validating points earned in the previous season. Therefore, it is crucial not only to perform successfully at a particular tournament this season but also to confirm the points for the next season. If a player is eliminated at an early stage, he loses vital points in the ranking.

Emotional aspects

This factor is especially worth considering when analyzing women’s tour (WTA) matches. Bettors, who follow girls, are not surprised by intentional losses, i.e. losing sets by counting, for example, 51, 52, not to mention 53, or serving for a game at 54. Often losing the first set in a hardfought tiebreak, women get upset and give up the second game without a fight.

Player’s Form

Perhaps the most key factor in assessing the odds, hence if a tennis player is in poor psychological form, all other considerations are irrelevant. What can be an indication of poor form? First of all, it is a large number of unforced errors in previous matches, a low percentage of hitting, and realization of the first serve.

We should be cautious about players who were recently injured and are just returning to the tour after their recovery because we do not understand their level of readiness. A long winning streak suggests that the player is on fire, but it should be understood that physical strength is not limitless.

Left-handedness or right-handedness

Lefthanded players are traditionally considered uncomfortable opponents for righthanded players, due to their peculiarities in choosing to attack and serving directions. On the other hand, this is not a determining factor, and tennis is increasingly moving towards universalizationThough many bettors continue to think differently.

Which services will help to receive the information?

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Information about the coverage, scores, headtohead encounters, and injuries can be found on any more or less serious statistical portal of a general or specialized nature. For instance,

It is recommended to get information from official sourceseach ATP and WTA level tournament has its own site, and bookmark their portals: and There you can find all the news, statistics, tournament grids, reviews, etc.

The popularity of social networks is a given, so it is fashionable among bettors to follow the accounts of sportsmen, analyze their posts and take them into consideration when making a forecast.

There is no need to trust the quotations of the bookmaker. The task of the bookie is not to give a correct prediction, as many bettors delude, but to reflect in the quotes approximate chances based on the statistics of past performances, to regulate with the help of the line cash flow, and make a profit at a distance based on the margin laid down in the odds. An experienced bettor should be guided first of all by his own feelings and evaluate an event from the point of view of its value bet.


It would seem that these strategies are a matter of common knowledge, we just listed the longknown strategies, but does the bettor always run through the branches of this algorithmA thoughtful analysis of the given nodal points will allow you to significantly increase the quality of tennis forecasts and make a profit down the road.


Is it challenging to win money by placing tennis bets?

No, it’s not rocket science. You just need to have your own time-tested strategy and find a reliable bookmaker.

What aspect should be borne in mind when placing tennis bets?

There are many aspects that should’ve been borne in mind. First and foremost, you need to take into utmost consideration the players’ current form, emotional aspects, and style of play.

What should you do before placing a bet?

You need to conduct a thorough analysis and find all the necessary information about tennis players and their rankings.

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