If Superheroes celebrated No Shave November

Movember or No Shave November was observed all across the world aiming to spread awareness about cancer by embracing our hair which several cancer patients lose and letting it grow wild and free.

While the trend has become popular amongst youngsters across the globe, we reimagine popular superheroes also embracing the trend with facial heroes complimenting their costumes.

STYL has come up with a series of 6 posters showing what would happen if superheroes also observed Movember.


Superheroes Movember (1)


Superheroes Movember (2)


Superheroes Movember (3)


Superheroes Movember (4)

Iron Man 

Superheroes Movember (5)

Captain America

Superheroes Movember (6)

So here’s your chance to be a superhero. Let it grow. Embraces your hair and let it flow!

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