If these Indian celebrities were Diwali Crackers

The festival of lights and crackers is around the corner. There are so many things like lights, food, sweets, clothes, decoration and Crackers that make Diwali such a wonderful festival. Remember those days when you use to hop crackers shop with your dad and pleading him to get you more of your favourite crackers.  Have you ever wondered what if your favourite celebrities were your favourite crackers?

Let’s see how these celebrities will blast if they were crackers:

1. Mere pass Big B Anaar hai, tumhare pass kya hai? Haaiyeee?

2. Statutory warning!

3. Boom, Boom, Boom.

4. Perfect Bomb

5. Thoko, Thoko 

6. Why to blow, when you can kiss 😉

7. Last minute blast

Hope you guys had a blast reading this? What do you think who we are missing in the crackers list?

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