17 Hilarious Kids’ Playground Design Fails

What are the thoughts that come to your head when you think of a kids’ playground? Fun rides, colorful surroundings and happy shiny faces all around. Well, that’s exactly what we also imagine kids’ playgrounds to be like. But not every playground is designed that way. As a matter of fact, some look like they are straight out of hell. All around the world, there are plenty of examples of bizarre playgrounds which couldn’t possibly be meant for kids. Some are dangerous while others are simply inappropriate (to put it mildly). But either way, they are all lol-worthy.

Here are 17 of the most hilarious kids’ playground design fails that we’ve come across.

1) Would you like to slide out of an elephant’s backside?

2) Looks like a lot of people like the idea of being pooped out of an elephant!

3) Speaking of slides, how about sending your kid straight into a deep dark dungeon via a slippery slide?

4) Or having them thrown in front of oncoming traffic?

5) That’s a “hard” rock for a child to climb on, if you know what I mean.

6) How difficult is it to get a f**king slide right?

7) This is enjoyable only if like the idea of a quick trip to the hospital.

8) This doesn’t exactly seem like a “fun” place to play, am I right?

9) They could have chosen a slightly less dangerous place for a playground maybe.

10) You swing. And then you smack your face on a wall. That’s fun!

11) Quickest slide in the history.

12) That’s a “happy” clown.

13) I might not be able to sleep at night after seeing this creepy looking thing, and I’m an adult.

14) Why are people obsessed with climbing in and out of animal buttholes?

15) Only someone with a really sick mind could have come up with this.

16) Yes, this one definitely is (not) OK for kids.

17) And finally this nightmare.

After looking at these, I’d rather sit at home and play if I were a kid.

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