Latest Korean Dramas In January 2023 That Will Pique Your Interest


Whether it’s BTS, Squid Game, Korean food, or Korean skincare and makeup, the K-pop wave has submerged the world. Korean dramas and movies have had a gripping effect on audiences all around the world. Old movies resurfaced, and remakes of Korean films were made and dramas were nominated for outstanding award categories. This year, too, the K-pop industry has a lot in store for us. Let’s take a look at a few Korean dramas in January 2023 that you can watch to celebrate the new year. Grab some ramyeon, this is about to get interesting!

1. Brain Cooperation

The 16- episode mystery drama series starring Jung Yong-Hwa, Cha Tae-Hyun, Ye Ji-Won, and Kwak Sun-Young. What will happen when a neuroscientist and a detective who cannot stand each other have to get together to solve a case? Watch the series and know for yourself. It premiered on KBS2 on the 2nd of January giving a comedic and interesting start to the year.

2. Payback

Set to premiere on the 6th of January, Payback is a crime thriller that will surely keep you on the edge of your seats. Korean crime thrillers are widely appreciated around the world and the same is anticipated from this one. It involves the fight for justice against a money cartel with strong roles being played by talented Korean stars like Lee Sung Gyun, Moon Chae Won, and Kang You Seok.

3. Agency

This one is for all the girl bosses out there. Agency depicts the journey of a woman (Lee Bo Young) who becomes the highest executive officer of an advertising agency and helps it reach its zenith while also showing the true reality of the people working in the advertising agency. It is directed by Lee Chang Min and its first episode is supposed to air on the 7th of January on JTBC

4. Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist Season 2


After the success of the first season of this periodic drama, tVN is set to release the second season of Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist on January 11th. The show continues with the hinted romance between Eun-woo and Seo-poong. Watch the drama to find out for yourselves what else takes place in the palace!

5. Crash Course in Romance

Crash Course in Romance is one of the most awaited Korean dramas in January 2023. Along with crime thrillers, Korean dramas are well known for their slow romances. The series portrays the slow-brewing romance between a banchan shop owner (Jeon Do-Yeon) and a strict private educator (Jung Kyoung-Ho). It is a trope that we all love to see. It is scheduled to release on the 14th of January.

6. Can we be strangers?

Love can be a twisted curse sometimes. Can we be strangers? revolves around the story of an estranged married couple who are lawyers specializing in divorce and marriages. They come together to work on divorce cases which make for a comedic plot. To know more, watch Can we be strangers? premiering on January 18 only on Genie TV.

7. Kokdu: Season of Deity

Kokdu: Season of Deity is a fantasy medical romantic drama and is the most awaited Korean drama in January 2023. It follows the story of the Grim Reaper who comes to earth in the mortal form of Do Jin Woo, a doctor and meets his female colleague Han Gye Jeol who has the unprecedented power of being able to order him around. You can watch the show on MBC TV from 27th January onwards. 

From romance to crime and mystery, these Korean dramas in January 2023 will keep you entertained throughout! Do let us know which drama you’re the most excited about! Gamsahamnida!

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