8 New Compelling Korean Dramas Releasing In March 2024!


K-dramas are the world that has an entrance door, but the exit is nowhere to be found. You just can’t escape the enticing world of nine-tailed foxes, 400-year-old demons, and stories that are so creative, and heart-warming, the faces are cuteness-loaded, and everything is simply soothing to the eyes! There are more and more additions to this world- but the stories are not getting old. So, here we have a list of some new exciting Korean Dramas releasing in March 2024.


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1. Queen of Tears

A romance drama that is about a couple who find solace in each other while going through a big life crisis. The show starts with the department story queen and a supermarket prince falling in love with each other. Their love story was miraculous and unexpected- but unexpected was yet to happen. A lot of crises come their way- but determined to stay together- they overcome them all-one by one. Their journey to stay together- that’s what this show is about.

2. Wonderful World

The show is about Eun Soo Hyun, a psychology professor whose young son passes away. She finds that the person responsible for his son’s death is free and now she is walking down a path to punish. But, on her down this dark alley, she finds a lot of people who are going through the same pain- people who are healing for her wounded heart. The show stars some famous actors like Kim Nam Joo, Cha Eun Woo, and Im Se Mi among others.

3. Midnight Photo Studio / Nightly Photo Studio

A horror fantasy show that could be another magical K-drama for you. It is about Seo Ki Joo, a photographer with bad skills and the seventh owner of a very tiny photo studio. But, it is not your ordinary photo studio that you’d see on the side of a regular street- ghosts visit this place to get their portraits made! Things turn more spicy and interesting when another living-breathing human being- a lawyer gets into a partnership with this photographer to run the studio.

4. Chicken Nugget

A mystery chase comedy-drama that perhaps has the most unusual drama troupe- a young woman turning into a chicken nugget! The show is about a father who goes through a lot of struggles when he finds out his daughter is now a chicken nugget inside a mysterious vending machine. Now, her father’s intern who is crushing on her hard, and the father- both are trying to find out the secrets of that machine, and also- how to turn the woman back to her original self.


5. Let Me Grab You by the Collar / Let’s Get Grabbed by the Collar / Grabbed by the Collar

A thrilling and chilling murder mystery drama- Let’s Get Grabbed by the Collar about a young and famous TV journalist who hosts a show where she exposes the wrong deeds of many people. She finds herself on the other end of the table when she is accused of murder. Now, she has joined hands with another young man who is ready to help her- to find out the real killer and people who got her in this trouble- a must-watch thriller!

6. Hide

An electrifying mystery thriller for those who love to explore the dark! This show is about a woman whose husband goes missing. To find out where her husband is, she found out a lot more than she expected. The danger that her people were to her, the looming threats, and the risky life that she was living because of the people that surrounded her- all became known to her. Now, that she knows all she is in even more danger than before- how will she save herself? Can’t know her secret until we’ve watched the whole show!

7. Beauty and the Devoted

A melodramatic love story- it is about how far a person can go for love. The show is about an actress who stops getting work and her career comes to a halt. A producer, head-over-heels in love with her- he sticks by her side and helps her make a comeback. But, family problems are still interfering with her happiness- they overcome all the obstacles together. A love story with a lot of tears, joy, and even tough times- spent together.

8. The Escape of the Seven Season 2 / The Escape of the Seven: Ressurection

It is an intriguing mystery drama about a missing girl- and seven people who are associated with her- all suspicious and may be the reason why she vanished. The progresses by showing layers of each person’s personality unfolding and many lies being discovered. Now, this hugely popular show is coming back with a new season and new mysteries to unfold.

So, that’s a wrap-up of our compilation of Korean Dramas releasing In March 2024. We will meet you with more news about the upcoming movies and shows from the Hallyu world. Happy Watching!

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