10 Best Korean Dramas Released in October 2023

Korean dramas make us all feel good, isn’t it? And, well, with the Halloween season- things are going to get more spicy and interesting! A great line-up of new K dramas is there in October 2023. Some of your favorite Korean actors are back with new and interesting stories to sweep you off your feet! Want to know what are the best Korean dramas released in October 2023? Then keep reading!

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Remember the women-centric series Strong Girl Bong Soon? Well, another such series also released in October and became popular! Cozy up in your blankets, prepare a mug of hot chocolate and a bowl filled with popcorn- and watch the series with your K-drama buddies. So, without much ado, let’s check the 10 best Korean dramas released in October 2023.

1. The Perfect Deal | October 6 | Wavve

Three friends decide to fake the kidnapping of one of them to get a lot of ransom in return. Everything is rainbows and unicorns for them and seems like they can finally turn their past dreams into a reality- but is reality bright or dark? This crime thriller tells you the story of three innocent friends who are unknowingly pushed into the dark world of crime and face the dangerous consequences of their actions.

2. Strong Girl Nam-soon | October 7 | Netflix

This fantasy crime show has a ‘secret’ formula for you to like. What? A strong female protagonist (literally!). A woman who has been gifted immeasurable bodily strength passed through generations. Nam-soon gets separated from her parents in her childhood. When she returns to Seoul all grown up, she along with two generations of women from her real family, patch up and decide to find the culprits behind a drug case.

3. A Good Day to be a Dog | October 11 | Viki

It is a feel-good comedy series that centers around a young woman who has been cursed with quite a bizarre curse- she turns into a tiny and cute dog whenever she kisses a person! Well, that ought to cause many misunderstandings and funny situations. The series stars big Korean names like Cha Eun -woo, and Park Gyu-young in lead roles.

4. My Dearest Part 2 | October 13 | Viki

A historical romance melodrama- this series already had its first part aired in September 2023 and the fans are eagerly waiting for the second part of the drama- which is worth waiting for! The series shows the twisted tale of love in the Joseon era when the war is coming and the two lovers have no choice but to separate. The show’s slow and engaging storyline filled with twists and emotions will leave you in tears! We all are wishing for a happy ending, aren’t we?

5. Evilive | October 14 | Genie TV

A crime thriller show (because Korean thrillers are too good!), this new show revolves around a charming villain of the dark crime world- a hero of the dungeons! And a lawyer who crosses paths with this enchanting antagonist and gets impressed by him- willing to follow in his footsteps! This rather thrilling show with unexpected storylines and a lot of revelations could leave you spellbound (just saying!)- watch it and tell us your views.

6. Doona | October 20| Netflix

A swoon-worthy romance drama (one of the most liked genres of K-drama), this show tells the story of a college girl who meets a celebrity chance (one who lives downstairs from her!). But, unexpected romance starts happening between the two when they meet- is it just a passing fling or a real-life fairytale? Only the show can tell us! This show is about a burning and passionate love story between two people belonging to different worlds seems quite exciting!

7. High Cookie | October 23 | KBS2

A sweet cookie can never harm anyone, that’s given to you- that’s what we all think. But anything is possible in the world of K-dramas! A single cookie that magically grants the wishes of those who eat it- might leave you with a bitter aftertaste. The cookie will grant the wishes of whoever has taken a bite, but the events that occur afterward might not guarantee joy- the cookie could be a trap! Watch the intertwined lives of three people who took a bite of the ‘high cookie’.

8. Moon in the Day | October 25 | Netflix

‘Moon in the Day’ is a fantasy romance thriller about a man from whom time has stopped flowing a long time ago- he meets a woman who flows like a river. Their lives get tangled and go on enmeshed together for years. The question that remains is- will these two troubled lovers find peace and a happy ending? Well, there are many hurdles in their journey but eventually good things can happen!

9. Castaway Diva | October 28 | Netflix

This thrilling and adventurous show is about a young girl Mok Ha (portrayed by Extraordinary Attorney Woo fame Park Eun Bin), who dreams of becoming a famous singer as a young kid. One fine day, she gets lost on a deserted island and lives there for 15 more years until a group rescues her. Once she is back inside the human society- it becomes a struggle for her to adjust to the ways of society and cope with it. Will she adjust to the new life and fulfill her dreams? Watch the show and tell us!

10. The Matchmakers | October 30 | Viki

It is a romantic comedy-drama starring the Korean heartthrobs Rowoon, and Cho Yi-Hyun. It shows the story of a widow and a widower joining hands to marry off young maidens who represent the Joseon. This historical drama will make you laugh on many occasions (that’s what we are hoping!). The is filled with fun, romance, and a pair hellbent on completing their mission.

What must you do now with the above list of 10 Korean dramas released in October 2023? Mark your calendars for the dramas that you know are going to impress you!

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