12 Lagaan Meme Templates Are As Enjoyable As Kachra’s Bowling!


For a long long time, Bollywood and Cricket together have been the greatest entertainers in India. And when both came together in the movie Lagaan, the audience absolutely loved it. Lagaan was one of the best movies I watched as a school kid. And these days Lagaan Meme Templates have become one of my favorites to describe news events, everyday situations and the story of my life.

Lagaan movie had everything – patriotism, self determination, inspiration and the thrill of a cricket match where an underdog village Cricket team takes on a team of well trained and almost professional Britishers in an attempt to evade the taxes or Lagaan. The dialogues of the movie like ‘Doogona Lagaan Dena Padega’ and ‘Hum Jeet Gaye’ have given the netizens material for a meme feast!

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We bring you some of the best Lagaan Meme templates which I find absolutely hilarious

1. *When my best friend purposes his crush*

2. Taking a bath in winters be like:

3. When my roommates ask me to give hotspot to them

4. Boss: Bas yeh Saturday hi working hai is mahine ka

5. Dad: Paise aasman se girte hai kya?
10 year old me: 

6. Me and my homies during the PT Class 


7. When he finally finds the G Spot

8. When she finally agrees to go down

9. When you see your fuckboi friend with an another girl after a week

10. Me: Bhai, usne I love you bolne par chaanta mar diya toh?
My friend: 

11. When you and your sibling just won an argument with your parents

12. Me and my introvert buddies in a nightclub

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Which of these Lagaan Meme Templates describe the story of your lives? Do let us know in the comment below!

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