23 Memes From ‘3 Idiots’ Inspired By Its Epic Scenes & Dialogues

One of our favorite movies, 3 Idiots happens to also be one of the favorites on the netizens when it comes to trolling and making memes. The release of this movie in the year 2009 coincided with the popularity of social media in India and ever since 3 Idiots memes are being circulated online.

The popularity of 3 Idiots, some of its epic scenes, the characters and one-liners from the movie has given some great meme material. From ‘Kahna Kya Chahte Ho’ and ‘Abba Nahi Maanenge’ to ‘Hai Himmat! Aayega’ and ‘Neechay se check kar’, twitteratis have used these one-liners to describe several events in the news and everyday life situations.

We bring you some of the best 3 Idiots memes inspired by the epic scenes and dialogues of this movie

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1. RCB Fans checking their position in the points table every IPL: “Neechay se check kar…Neechay se”

3 Idiots Memes - Neechay se check kar...Neechay se

2. When my friends ask me to join their Goa trip plan.
Me: Abba Nahi Manenge

3 IdiotsMemes - Abba nahi Maanenge

3. Goa to me every year: Hai Himmat?…Aayega?…Aayega?

3 Idiots Memes - Hai Himmat?...Aayega?...Aayega?

4. When I

5. When KL Rahul got banned for a few matches because of the comments Hardik Pandya’s comments on Karan Johar’s talk show. 
KL Rahul’s father to Hardik: Haath jod kar guzarish hai aapse, dur rahiye mere bete se!

3 Idiots Memes - Haath jod kar guzarish hai aapse, dur rahiye mere bete se

6. When Modi Ji speaks for 20 mins about “Atmanirbhar Bharat”
Me waiting for lockdown announcement: Kahna Kya Chahte ho

7. Whenever I see someone asking for corner seats at the movie ticket counter.
Me in my mind: Ashleel Hai Ye Launda!

3 Idiots Memes - Ashleel Hai Ye Launda

8. Whenever Manmohan Singh said something to the press or parliament.
Sonia Gandhi:
Bol wo rahe hain lekin shabd hamare hain

3 Idiots Memes: Bol wo rahe hain lekin shabd hamare hain

9. Me thinking if she will friend-zone me like the other girls and then deciding to stop wasting my time on her.
Me Later:
Jaisa chal raha hai waisa chalne dein

3 Idiots Memes - Jaisa chal raha hai waisa chalne dein

10. Everyone thinking that corona virus will fade away after a lockdown of 21 days.
Corona Virus: Permanent hoon Sir!

3 Idiots Memes: Permanent hoon Sir

11. WHO to the world in early 2020: Virus aa raha hai!

12. When I ask for an extra pen before exam & everyone says they don’t have one.
Me: Hota sabke paas hai, sab chhupa ke rakhte hain, deta koi nahi

13. When your father hears that Sharma Ji’s son qualified for IIT. 
Father: Mera beta engineer banega

14. When a batsman from West Indies starts scoring heavily in international matches
IPL Teams:
Salary kitna loge, discuss karle

3 Idiots Memes - Salary kitna loge, discuss karle

15. When India lost to England in World Cup 2019 that resulted in Pakistan’s & Bangladesh’s exit from before the semi-finals
Indian Fans:
Hum Dukhi They Lekin Humse bhi jyaada dukhi do aur log they 

3 idiots memes: Hum Dukhi They Lekin Humse bhi jyaada dukhi do aur log they 

16. God writing about what all would happen in the year 2020 

17. When I am sitting with my friends and chatting with my crush
My friends to me:
Aap muskura kyun rahe hain?

3 idiots memes - Aap muskura kyun rahe hain

18. Listening to what politicians say in their election rallies
Nahiii…jhooth bol raha hai, jhoot bol raha hai!

3 idiots memes: Nahiii...jhooth bol raha hai, jhoot bol raha hai!

19. Me entering my home high with red eyes and seeing my father at the door.
Me to Myself: All izz well. All izz well

3 idiots memes - All izz well. All izz well

20. And then this explanation from Rancho gave us the perfect meme template…

3 idiots memes - Aamir Khan Rancho explaining

In case you want to use this blank 3 Idiots meme template, here it is:

21. My parents asking me to become self-dependent.
Me to my parents:
Aise koi words hai hi nahi.

3 idiots memes - Aise koi words hai hi nahi

22. Me when I start eating and realize that I am eating Tinde Ki Sabji

23. Whenever other wicket-keepers see Dhoni’s lightning speed stumpings and run outs

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We all must have used some of these epic one-liners from this movie or shared 3 Idiots memes at some point in our conversations. That’s how popular this movie is till date.

Which of these 3 Idiots memes is your favorite?

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