Lighting A Room, Simplified


The key to making a room feel warm and welcoming is good lighting, regardless of if you’re just moving into a new house or simply trying to brighten up your current space.

Interestingly, improper lighting can make your space feel chilly and dull, while getting things right can make a change in the whole decor game. 

Learn about how good lighting adds that touch of liveliness to your space below. And as a reward for reading through, we have included some fairly simple tips to help you get the right lighting setup in your room. 

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Good Lightning Makes A Huge Difference

There are a few factors that make good lighting crucial for decor. The first is that proper lighting can influence how a room feels. 

Dim lighting, for instance, gives off a romantic vibe while bright lighting can give off an energizing feeling.

The ability to highlight particular features in a room is another benefit of good lighting for decor. A beautiful painting on the wall, for instance, can be made to stand out more with the help of good lighting.

Don’t forget the cozy and more welcoming feeling that comes along too. Plus, It can also draw attention to specific features in a room that you want people to notice. 

A room can appear smaller, darker, unwelcoming, and more crowded with poor lighting. Additionally, it may cause colors to appear less vivid and dull. Insufficient lighting can also lead to headaches and eye strain.

So, when decorating a space, it’s crucial to make thoughtful lighting choices.


Tips For Lighting Up Your Room

Lighting up your space can be tasking but the following steps below will help you get things in place.

  1. Use light fixtures with interesting shapes or patterns to create visual interest. 
  1. Place lights in strategic locations to highlight specific areas or objects. Reflective surfaces like the sofa could welcome your firehut.
  1. Use different types of light bulbs to create different effects. For example, LED bulbs can create a bright, stark effect, while incandescent bulbs can create a softer, more romantic ambiance. 
  1. Play with light and shadow to create a sense of depth and dimension. 
  1. Use colored lights to create different moods. For example, blue lights can create a calming effect, while red lights can be energizing.


Combining natural and artificial light is the ideal method for lighting a space. The use of artificial light should be to supplement natural light as much as possible. The kind of room you are lighting will also determine the kind of artificial light you should use.

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Ben Lakewood is a seasoned home decor and fashion writer. He’s also an advocate of the green-world movement and a sheer lover of hockey.

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