20 Relatable Memes On School Life In India That Will Make You Chuckle

The proverb that school days are the best days of one’s life may be a much-heard and almost overused one, but it is that well-known for a reason. The innocence, the simple joys, the spontaneity, and the liveliness of childhood is contained within that period of our lives. Add to that the company of friends who last for life, and their endless banter. Oh, and to top it off, teachers who guided us and scared us in equal parts. From writing with a pencil to graduating to pens, bringing our well-packed bag to school to rarely even carrying a pen with us, vying to be the teacher’s pet to plotting to bunk classes, we all grew up. So, to hit you with some of that nostalgia and some good laughs, here we have 20 relatable memes on school life in India. Let’s take a trip down memory lane!


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1. Me be like: seh lenge thoda.

2. gajab bezzati hai yaar.

3. Me after the reply: jalwa hai humara yahan.

4. Teacher be like: ab tera game bajana padega.

5. Backbenchers to teacher: theek hai bhai, ab main chalta hu.

6. Friend: cheating karta hai tu.

7. Before attendance: bilkul risk nahi lene ka.

8. dil se bura lagta tha bhai.

9. Gajab mast vyavastha hai yaar.

10. nirlaj! tu fir aa gaya.

11. Aur marks bhi achche dete the.

12. Bade harami ho beta.

13. The best part of the period.

14. Har ek dost kameena hota hai.

15. Wapas dena hamesha bhul jaate the.

16. Aamir khan from Taare zameen par too.

17. Table be like: saans toh lene de bey.

18. Waah back bencher ji waah.

19. Pura bathroom dhua dhua kar denge

20. So true.

We may have outgrown school, but the memories will never leave us. Especially the fun bits, which leave us with stories to pass on to the generations after us. We might have learned the most important lessons of life outside school, but the place always has a special place in our hearts. With that, we leave you with these 20 relatable memes on school life we hope you enjoyed! Let us know which one was your favourite in the comment section below.

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