We Reimagined Minions as Iconic Bollywood Characters and Results were absolutely Adorable

The heroes of Despicable Me were just the opposite, loveable. We could not get over the minions. The world fell so much in love with them that they had a film of their own. And we at ScrollDroll could not  get enough of them. So we put together and re-imagined Bob, Stuart, Dave, Kevin and all the others as iconic Bollywood characters.

We re-imagined minions as iconic Bollywood characters and the results were absolutely adorable! See for yourself…

Crime-minion Gogo!

Shakti Kapoor Crime Master Gogo

Minion Rao!

Paresh Rawal Hera Pheri Minion

Minion hai… Shehenshah!

Amitabh Bacchan Shahenshah Minion

Minion nautanki!

Dharmendra Sholay Minion

Chulbul Minion!

Salman Khan Dabangg Minion

M..m..m.. Minion

Shahrukh DDLJ Minion

Minion Kapoor!

Raj Kapoor Shree 420 Minion

Kitna inaam rakkhi hai re sarkar minion par? 

Gabbar Sholay Minion

Minion khush hua!

Mogambo Minion

Minion Khan!

Aamir Khan PK Minion

We love minions. Everybody does. Whether they be Gru’s pets or our favourite bollywood characters. They can fit in anywhere!

Concept: Bishnu Narayan Singh and Ashwani Dadhich

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