My Practice is the result of profound exploration to help connect to Inner-Self: DJ Pierre Ravan

What comes to our mind when we recall the term DJ? A club, Dance Floor, Lights, Music and Fusions after Fusions, all dancing till drained out. What if DJ is combined with Meditation, is it possible to digest? Not till date before connecting with Spiritual DJ Pierre Ravan who is a one man army being a Heartfulness Meditation Trainer, Spiritual DJ, Producer, Global Club-Headliner. 

Pierre Ravan is the first to combine feel-good music, Yoga and Heartfulness meditation into his KaRavan concept. The KaRavan concept combines yoga, meditation and open-hearted music into one session, creating true dancefloor unity. In conversation with Bishnu Narayan Singh, Pierre shares his thoughts about how music fusion can play a key role to dive deep within and how his followers have accepted this new concept. 

When we hear about DJ, it is the fusion of various instruments programmed together, focused on various themes. How do you theme your music compositions, being precisely focused on meditation?

Firstly, it is important to understand what Meditation is and how it can affect everything around us?

The music that I produce and also play in various venues be it for 10 people or 100,000 people, it is not focused only on Meditation but has been inspired through Meditation and opening of HEARTs, and that could only happen when you are able to connect to your Heart and explore all the hidden potentials, and this can only happen when we Meditate.

Meditation is more about being in silence and finding serenity. How did you find a way to amalgamate music in your Heartfulness guidance?

Yes it’s totally correct, Meditation is the ultimate silence and the ultimate sound is the Silence. As part of my KaRavan journey I conduct first Heartfulness meditation in silence as it is supposed to be done, then after connecting the Hearts of all the audience, I start to play my music which then it has been felt deep inside with no resistance and Open Heart.

How did you coin the idea of bringing a fusion to Heart based meditation and how do you map the impact amongst your listeners?

It is important to understand why youngsters or any listeners like to go out to listen to music .it can be for social reasons or to the extent that they love so much music that they want to go out and enjoy it, in both cases quality music touches the Soul and uplift the spirit ,and now imagine that without any sort of external intoxication ,you can give your audience  an experience to feel a natural and more permanent intoxication, and this can only happen if the Heart has been touched by a Divine Energy and through this energy all the Heart can get connected.

How has been the acceptance of this new mix? Do you perform at concerts?

From the time I became a Heartfulness Meditation trainer, which is now almost 20 years, I have been trying to introduce this journey of combining Meditation followed by my musical set, as I believed that is the future of entertainment. As a professional DJ & Producer, performing internationally, I could see lots of beautiful Souls who came and wanted to release their tension by dancing and listening to music, but they perhaps needed something more profound to help them connect to their Inner-Self, but still being in a non-religious atmosphere, then I knew if I let them experience the natural way of Having fun, their whole perspective towards night life will change.

Few venues and places accepted the whole journey, but didn’t know how logistically to implement it, and the one who did, now want this more than anything else, especially now that Social life is almost absent, this kind of event will be more accepted as the consciousness of people have evolved due what they have gone through during the COVID situation. 

Any specific mix that has been really accepted widely across your followers

Yes, my KaRavan set backed with 10 album compilations, the last one is named: Heartfulness, which is the culmination of all the previous ones, with triple CD from Sunrise to Sunset, from Sunset to Midnight then from Midnight to Sunrise: a 24 hour musical journey

What has been your Heartfulness journey? What made you believe in this specific form of meditation?

As you correctly said Heartfulness Meditation is a journey. It is not just a ritualistic process. It is a Lifestyle. It is a Love story. It is an infinite swimming to the endless ocean of bliss.

I have been trying and practicing many other paths including TM, Sufism, however I still wanted to find something even more profound which can give me the Highest and at the same time to bring balance into my life. And that highest for me was not just to feel more relaxed, calm or even happy, but to Unite with myself which is ultimately uniting with the Absolute ultimate. Then I realized that so far only Heartfulness path has this unique feature call Transmission, which is also called Divine Energy, which is: The Attentive power of the Soul, which connects the Heart directly to the Divine source, then my believe came after experiencing this forceless force and seeing changes in my life, a change that needs to change every day till you become the best version of yourself.

At last want to quote Rumi : “Let Music loosen our deafness to Spirit. Play and let play” 

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