25 Narendra Modi Meme Templates To Describe Everyday Life


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also happens to be one of the most popular on Social Media. He has a huge following across Social Media platforms that includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. And that along with millions of social media users in the country makes him one of the favorite of memers. Narendra Modi Meme templates are a hot favorite of twitteratis, netizens and memers.

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We bring you some of the best Narendra Modi Meme templates to describe our everyday life.

1.13 Year Old Me: Woh sab chodh pehle ye do haathon mein se ek choose kar

2. Me pleading my parents to allow me for a college trip to Goa: 

3. When I see my feminist friends passing comments on someone’s clothes:
Hypocrisy ki bhi seema hoti hai

4. When my friend says ki woh tujhe dekh rahi hai

5. Mother: Aur kitni roti lega

6. Whenever two students were caught chatting during my college classes.
Professor: Is sajjan ko kya takleef hai bhai

7. Whenever I ask my younger brother to bring some water.
My brother: Atmanirbhar baniye

8. My friend: Bhai, Tuborg nahi hai, Kingfisher Ultra le aaun

9.Lord Walder Frey to Starks in Game Of Thrones 

10. When I open my tiffin and see my Mom has once again made Tinda

11. Teacher: Blackboard kaun aake saaf karega.
Me in Class VII: 

12. Me and my friend when India needs 40 runs of 22 balls and Dhoni gets out 

13. When it’s a rare occasion when she is apologizing to me and I try to act pricey. 


14. When she friendzones me and the songs, ‘Thukra ke Mera Pyaar, Mera Inteqaam Dekhegi’ plays in my mind. 

15. When that guy who has some really great stuff enters the party.
Me & My friends: You are the most important man in India.

16. My friend after 4 pegs embarrassing those who don’t drink at all.

17. Me after I heard about Surgical strikes and Balakot Air strikes: Waah Modi Ji Waah!

18. When I hear that my friend has started to date with my crush.
Me thinking that ladkiyan ko aati jaati rehti hai, friendship is more important: Dosti bani rahe

19. 10 year old me thinking of bunking school because it’s raining heavily:
Maine kaha itne cloud hain, baarish hain, benefit kar sakte hain

20. My Father to me: Kal subah se roz 6 baje uthna start karo
Next morning: 

21. Every Indian Mother: Bulaati hai magar jaane ka nahi

22. Ye bol raha hai India mein bahut election jeet liya, ab Pakistan mein try karte hain

23. That one lucky guy during my Class XII Farewell! 

24. 8 year old me running to my terrace after listening the sound of an aeroplane

25. My Dad when I reach home drunk and try to walk directly to my room

26. Me reaching a house party 30 mins late and finding all my friends are high…


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Which of these Narendra Modi meme templates did you find the most hilarious?

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