These 35 Panchayat 2 Memes Cracked By Netizens Are Hilarious

After the massive success of the first season, The Viral Fever and Amazon Prime video are back with the second season. The much-awaited Panchayat season 2 came two days before the official release date due to its leak on the internet. Soon after the series was released on Amazon Prime video, people took no time to express their opinions and comments about this wholesome show. The #PanchayatSeason2 started trending on Twitter as netizens welcomed the show by making hilarious Panchayat 2 memes of their favourite scenes and dialogues. 


The first season of the Panchayat web series gave the epic meme material to the memers community. From “Gajab bejjati hai yaar” to “Gajab kharab vyavastha hai yaar” memes, the internet had an unstoppable laugh ride. After much anticipation, Panchayat season 2 is finally out and so are the memes.

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We have compiled the best and most hilarious Panchayat 2 memes cracked by the netizens.

1. Story of every middle-class girl/guy. 

2. Virat Kohli be like: “Gajab bejjati hai yaar”

3. That intern after 1 month: Mujhe ghar jaana hai.

4. Bhusan Ji did a great job as an aspiring politician/Pradhan. 

5. Stalking is an art and Bhusan Ji is a master of that art. 

6. Introvert me: Majjak chala raha hai kya yaha pe?

7. Me after being body-shamed by aunties: Gajab kharab vyavastha hai yaar

8. Gym trainer be like: Aap hi ki bhalai ke liye bol rahe hai

9. When you finally get 3 Rs cashback after getting “better luck next time” for the 100th time.

10. Kya matlab ‘colleagues ko good morning bolna’ normal hai?

11. Introvert me in parties: “Pak gaya hu main”.

12. Yes, experience it, feel it, and enjoy it.

13. A team meeting that could have been an email.

14. Mandatory engineering meme

15. *still stuck in the same job.*

16. Me and my homies waiting for the next season and the MEMES.

17. Bhusan ji (Pintu ke Papa) = Phulera a Arturo

18. That scene. That Dialogue. <3 

19. The cameraman be like: *haa yeh kar lo pahle*

20. This meme is dedicated to all the third wheels.

21. Did you notice that?

22. *Gajab bejjati* moment for the guy

23. This is interesting. 

24. Miss those days like anything.

25. Me: Yehi bol bol ke 20 girls se reject karwa chuka hai bhai.

26. *That awkward moment*

27. Banrakas years of our lives.

28. Me too. 

29. “My CaMeRa iS NoT wOrKiNg.

30. Can’t agree more.

31. Expectations v/s reality.

32. bata na, ab kya kaam hai?

33. Life of a cricket lover these days.

34. shauk bahot mehenga padega

35. Uper wala (CCTV) sab dekh raha hai

With this, we have come to the end of the list of hilarious Panchayat 2 memes on the internet. We hope this meme compilation cracked you up. If you haven’t watched the Panchayat season 2 by The Viral Fever (TVF) yet, binge-watch it now and share your favourite moments and memes with us.

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