20 Peak Bengaluru Moments That Are Hilarious AF


The state of Karnataka has been in the limelight these past few weeks because of the state elections in the state. However, the city of Bengaluru has always been in the limelight and sometimes for very hilarious and bizarre reasons. In this article, we discuss some of the peak Bengaluru moments that are super hilarious.

1.) Swiggy Delivery Agent So Lazy That He Uses Dunzo To Deliver The Food

In peak Bengaluru moment, Twitter user Omkar Joshi recently shared a screenshot of his conversation with his friend who ordered coffee from Cafe Coffee Day on Swiggy. His delivery agent picked up the order but was too lazy that he booked a dunzo to deliver the order. The delivery agent even called him and said, “ ‘Bhaiya Maine Dunzo kar diya hai, please 5-star rating de dena.’

2.) Woman Tries To Hire Her Match From Jeevansaathi.com

We know that Bengaluru is the start-hub of India but never knew that you could also use matrimonial sites to get jobs. Udita Pal who is co-founder of a Bengaluru-based start-up on Twitter shared her conversation with her father. Her father was angry at her for trying to hire her match on Jeevnsaathi.com.

3.) Land-Lord Asks For Linkedin Profile And A ‘Small Write-Up’

Probably the last thing one might be wondering while hunting for flats would be how their Linkedin profile looks like. In this peak Bengaluru moment, a man named Gautham shared screenshots on Twitter which shows the landlord asking him for his Linkedin profile and also a small write-up about themselves. This Landlord is the real Indiranagar Ka Gunda.

4.)  Twitter User Sees His Landlord On Shark Tank India

Imagine you are chilling in your house and watching Shark Tank on your TV and seeing someone you know pitching to the sharks outta nowhere, and too your own landlord. Well, that happened to Vansh Agarwal who shared on Twitter that he experienced exactly that.

5.) Finding Out That Your Rapido Driver Used To Work In The Same Building

Twitter user Parag Jain, shared his conversation with his Rapido driver while on his way to work. He tells how the driver asked about where he works and on which floor his office is. What seemed like the usual small talk turned into a surprise for Jain when the driver told him he used to work in the same building 2 years ago.

6.) When Your Neighbour Turns Out To Be Rapido Founder

As I mentioned before, Bengaluru is the start-hub of the country and with so many new start-ups coming up, there must be founders almost everywhere in the city. Akashlal Bathe shared on his Twitter how he found out that he is actually neighbors with the Rapido founder.

7.) Getting Wallet Back, Thanks To Google

In this quite wholesome instance, Rohit Ghumare shares on Twitter how he lost his wallet in a cafe and how a day later gets a call from the place for the lost item. What is interesting is the way the cafe authorities found Ghumare’s number. They literally googled his name and found out his number.

8.) Bengaluru Man Poses With Placard For ‘Looking for 2BHK’ During IPL Match at M.Chinnawamy stadium

We have seen all kinds of placards during the IPL, some being hilarious, some supporting their favorite players. Never, however, did I imagine that placards can be used to find 2BHK flats. Atin Bose, during an RCB match at Chinaswamy stadium, stood with the placard saying, “Looking for 2BHK in Indiranagar”.

9.) Man Who Cleared Google Interview But Fails Tenant Interview

Probably the hardest interview to crack in the whole world is obviously the tenant interview in Bengaluru. Cracking a Google interview is nothing in front of this. Ripu Daman shared on Linkedin how he was able to crack a Google interview but failed to crack a tenant interview.

10.) Using Swiggy Genie Agent To Complain To Apple Staff

This is probably the weirdest use ever of the Swiggy or Dunzo delivery app. Shankar Ganesh on Twitter shares how a man used one of these apps to send the delivery guy to the Apple store to complain to them through the delivery guy’s phone. The lengths this man went to bypass centralized call centers is just truly legendary.

11.) Tenant’s Application Rejected by Bengaluru Landlord Due To ‘Low Grades’ in 12th


Yup, you read that right, that is why your parents always said that the 12th grade is so important. Shubh took to Twitter and shared screenshots of his cousin’s conversations with the broker. Shubh’s cousin was first asked to share his 10th and 12th mark sheets and then was rejected by the landlord due to low marks in his class 12th!

12.) Bengaluru Woman Working on Laptop While Being Stuck in Traffic

This reminds me of all the times I used to study on my way to school just before an exam. In this peak Bengaluru moment, a woman is seen on a Rapido bike ride working on her laptop. Just shows how hard-working some employees can be, she definitely deserves a raise.

13.) Auto Just 71 Minutes Away!

Bengaluru is also famous for its insane level of traffic congestion. Sometimes commuters are stranded for hours during peak congestion. Hence it is no surprise you get to see moments like these. An Uber Auto user shares this screenshot which shows his Auto will arrive in 71 minutes away.

14.) This Tea Seller From Bengaluru is Accepting Crypto as Payment

What would your reaction be if you go to the Chai-tapri near your office and he says that he accepts cash, card, and Crypto! Only in the IT capital, Bengaluru can you imagine these things happening.

15.) Walking 8KM Takes Only 1 Minute More!

This hilarious instance happened due to rains and waterlogging of the roads and added to the extreme Bengaluru traffic. Twitter user Sahil Matthew showed screenshots of Google Maps that show how walking from Mahadevapura to Bellandur would take only 1 minute longer than by car.

16.) Bengaluru Couple fell in love & got married, All because of a Traffic Jam

This man was dropping his friend when they got stuck in traffic. This is when they decided to choose a different route and decided to go for dinner together and this is how their story started. Years later, the man shares on Twitter how this was how he met his now wife. This is how How I Met Your Mother should have probably ended.

So all you single guys, go get into a traffic jam right now!

17.)  When A Start-Up Founder Is Driving Your Auto

I think in Bengaluru, you can find start-up founders almost anywhere, we talked about finding them as your neighbor earlier, and we now raise that to find them as your auto-driver! A Twitter user shares how she was riding an auto that was driven by a start-up founder. His start-up was into transportation and thus the founder wanted to understand the commutation problem in Bengaluru and hence the choice of driving an auto. I wonder what would he do if his start-up was into making condoms and all.

18.) Tech-Savvy Rickshaw Driver From Returns Lost Air-Pods to Woman Passenger

In another wholesome case of  Bengaluru being tech-savvy, an Auto-rickshaw driver returned a woman’s lost air-pods by pairing the headphones and using PhonePe transaction to reach the woman. The driver’s dedication to return the lost air-pods is really remarkable.

19.) Kidney On Sale To Pay For Security Deposit

Bengaluru has peaked here, it has made tenants desperate for flats to sell their kidneys! A Twitter user shares this poster for someone who is selling his kidney to pay for their security deposit. Obviously, it is an exaggeration as in the next line it says they’re kidding and are just looking for flats in Indiranagar.

Guys trust me it sucks to live without one kidney, though I have a good enough flat to live in.

20.) Uber Fare Same As Flight Ticket!

We have another instance of what Bengaluru traffic can do and in this one due to extreme traffic, a person reported having Uber fares close to amounts you would give for an air flight ticket.

Now I know you are very excited to shift to Bengaluru now, but hey don’t worry we’ll bring Peak moments from your cities as well soon, comment down the cities you think we should do next. I hope you enjoyed and had fun reading about peak Bengaluru moments, till then adios!

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