8 People Who Are Had A Much Worse Day Than Yours

Maybe it is because of something huge like getting dumped by your partner or something very unlucky like getting caught in a downpour rain without an umbrella. We all have those days when we look up at the sky and ask god if could it get any worse. Well apparently it can, there are people who believe it or not are having a much worse day than you are. In this article, we tell you the tale of the unluckiest people who are had a much worse day than yours.

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1.) Punjab Man Gets Duped Of Rs 23 Lakh After Being Sold ‘Black Horse’ Which Turned Out To Be Dyed In Black

This man from Sangrur district in Punjab suffered a major blow when he realized the apparently exotic ‘Black Horse’ he bought for a whopping Rs 23 lakh was in fact a regular horse dyed in black paint.

Source: Pixabay, Representative

2.) A Gujarat Man With 12 Family Members Receives Only 1 vote In Panchayat Elections, His Own

In this hilarious but kinda sad instance, a man decided to stand for panchayat elections in the Chhawla village in Gujarat. However, he received just 1 vote, his own and none of his 12 family members voted for him.

3.) Kanpur Woman Elopes With Boyfriend’s Father

In this bizarre case, a Kanpur guy’s  20-year-old girlfriend decided to elope with his father. After a year, the police were able to trace both of them and took them into custody. Imagine how unlucky this guy is who just doesn’t loses his girl but also his father to this girl!

Image Source: Pixabay, Representative Image

4.) A 100-Year-Old Woman Due To Cops’ Mistake Gets Booked By UP Police; Cops Soon Realize Their Mistake And Remove Name

The UP Police accidentally booked a 100-year-old woman in a land dispute case. In a viral video, the woman can be seen physically entering the police station. The police then admitted their error and deleted her name from the case.

5.) Unlucky UP Doctor Gets Duped By Rs 2.5 Crores After Buying ‘Alladin’s Lamp’

A doctor in UP was cheated out of 2.5 crores after purchasing a lamp from two individuals who said it was “Aladdin ka chirag” and had all its magical abilities. Imagine the torment he must have experienced after realizing the truth about the lamp.

Image Source: Pixabay, Representative Image

6.) Student Faints In Nalanda, Bihar After Finding Himself Among 500 Girls at Exam Centre

This Class 12 student had one of the worst days ever as he fainted after he found out that he was the only guy among 500 girls at the examination center in Nalanda. Not only he fainted but soon became viral for it.

7.) A daily Wage Laborer Earning Rs 500 Per Day Received An Income Tax Notice For 37.5 lakhs!

This occurred in the Maghauna village of Bihar’s Khagaria district, where a daily wage laborer was hit with an income tax of Rs 27.5 lakhs. However, the tax authority later corrected their error, much to the relief of the laborer.

(Image Source: Wikipedia Commons)

8.) This Thief In Kanchilli, Andhra Pradesh, Gets Trapped In A Wall While Fleeing After Stealing.

This robber became trapped in a wall while fleeing after stealing some steel jewellery. He can be seen caught in the wall and pleading for rescue in this video.

In the realm of unfortunate events, the stories shared here make our own bad days seem like a picnic in comparison—proof that when life throws a curveball, it’s always good to have a sense of humor.

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