15 Exquisite Places to Visit In Madhya Pradesh This Season!


Madhya Pradesh is home to infinite gems in India. It is famous for arts, crafts, music, dancing, the majestic Bindiachar Mountains, river valleys, and plateaus. In addition to the wilderness’s beautiful nature, the state has magnificent architecture dating back to ancient and medieval times. The erotic temples of Khajuraho, the beautiful forts and palaces of Gwalior, the unique Ujjain temples, and the carved Orchhi buildings attract visitors from all over Madhya Pradesh. Let’s take a look at some of the best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh this season. 


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1. Khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Madhya Pradesh without any doubt. It is highly known for its Hindu and Jain temples with some of the most exquisite art samples in the world. These temples were built by the Chandela Dynasty during the 10th and 11th centuries. Hence, the paintings and carvings depict some of the daily activities of those times like meditation, spiritual teachings, kinship, wrestling, royalty, and most importantly, erotic art. UNESCO declared Khajuraho as a World Heritage Site in India because of its superb and unique architecture. The cluster of temples is divided into 3 different groups based on their geographical locations namely – East, West, and South. You will be in awe and amazement as soon as you enter the Khajuraho Temple because the sculptures are stunning, intricate, and exotic.

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2. Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi Stupa is one of the famous Buddhist shrines in India. It is widely known for its ancient art and architectural excellence. You will find this beautiful structure in the Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh. It was built around the 3rd century B.C. by Emperor Ashoka. You will find the Stupa surrounded by toranas that are symbols of love, peace, trust, and courage. The Sanchi Stupa was renovated during the Shunga period. The new decorations included staircases, railings, and a harmika. The entrance is carved with beautiful sculptures that represent various Buddhist traits and incidents from the life of the famous Lord Buddha. It also includes various incarnations of Lord Buddha from the Jataka tales. 

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3. Orchha

Orchha is located in the Bundelkhand region in the district of Niwari in Madhya Pradesh. It has a wide collection of monuments of historical importance at both national and international levels. The Orchha Palace Complex has 3 sections – the Jahangir Mahal, the Raj Mahal, and the Sheesh Mahal. The architecture is unique with a mix of Mughal and Bundelkhandi designs. It was built in honor of the famous Mughal Emperor Jahangir. The Ram Raja temple is also a popular stop at Orchha. There are in total 14 Chhatri or cenotaphs of the rulers of Orchha that celebrate the glorious history of Orchha.

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4. Bhopal

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Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and is popularly known as the Lake City because of its numerous natural and artificial lakes. It is rich with tradition with a pinch of modern life. Bhopal is situated on top of the land where once the ancient town of Bhojapal stood. Raja Bhog discovered two beautiful lakes in the center of the city. Bhopal is known as one of the greenest cities in India being filled with forests, hills, and landscapes. It’s a popular destination that attracts a large number of tourists each year. It exhibits the perfect blend of southern and northern charms that remains unchanged over the many years. The beautiful bazaars and monuments featured in Bhopal are what make it stand out from the rest of Madhya Pradesh. 

5. Kanha National Park

Kanha is a lovely town in the Madhya Pradesh state, located in the Mandla and Balaghat districts. Kanha National Park is one of India’s best-managed, tourist-friendly, and well-known tiger reserves. Kanha is not only known for tiger tourism, but it is also home to the critically endangered hard-ground Barasingha. There are four major zones in Kanha National Park. Kanha Meadows, Kanha Museum, Shravan Chita, Shravan Tal, Dashrath, Machaan, Bison Road, Nakti Ghati, and Umerpani are the most notable places in this Zone. Digdola, Sonf Meadows, Kope Dabri, Magarnala, Mochidadar, Chimta Camp, Amahi, and Soonaghat are all located in the Kisli Zone. The Kanha National Park is one of the best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh for any tourist. 

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6. Bhedaghat

Bhedaghat in Jabalpur is a natural wonder akin to the Grand Canyon in the United States. Bhedaghat at first glance When you see a massive miracle created by nature in Madhya Pradesh, it fills your soul with a rush. The Bhedaghat marble cliffs glisten their aesthetic reflection in the emerald green waters of the Narmada, boasting an endless gorge. The 100-foot-tall striking marble rocks are said to change shapes and colors as you sail by. As you sail through Bhedaghat, the marble rocks create the illusion of a light show. When sunlight falls on the gleaming surface of the rocks, they take on a variety of shades. On a moonlit night, the sheer beauty of this place is amplified. The gleaming marble cliffs resemble a shaft of diamonds half-submerged in darkness.

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7. Gwalior

Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh’s fourth-largest city, is known for its fort, which is perched atop a 300-foot hill and was dubbed “the pearl amongst the fortresses of Hind” by Mughal emperor Babur. Gwalior is also known as a cultural center and the birthplace of Tansen, a well-known poet, and musician. It happens to be the home to a renowned Gharana, or school of classical Hindustani music. Gwalior has a rich cultural and architectural heritage as a result of its turbulent history. 

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8. Pachmarhi

Madhya Pradesh’s only mountain resort, Panchmarhi, is located in the forests of Satpur and has many well-known caves, waterfalls, and hills. Through Panchmarhi, visitors can not only see the natural richness but also participate in a variety of environmental activities such as watching the sunset, exploring the forest, taking a nature walk in the Satpur forest, cave watching, and picnicking in beautiful natural places such as waterfalls and popular hills.

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9. Ujjain

Ujjain is considered one of the most sacred places of pilgrimage and the Sinhasth Kumbha,  held here since ancient times, is another noteworthy feature of the city. For a long time, this place has been the cradle of the Indian spirit. It is an important site for most astronomers and observatories because it is located on the banks of the sacred Shipra River and lies on the prime meridian of longitude. It was a center of study and art associated with the legendary poet Calidas. Ujjain has many temples, including the Mahakaleshwar temple dedicated to the god Shiva, home to one of the 12 holy Jyothirlings. Kumbha Mela is held once every 12 years on the banks of the Shirpa River in Ujjain.

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10. Bhimbetka

Since 2003, the Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These rock shelters, which are located in the Vindhyan Range’s foothills, are estimated to be 10,000 years old. The site is thought to be one of the world’s oldest rock shelters, according to archaeologists. There are paintings from the Upper Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Chalcolithic, Early Historic, and Medieval periods. Every era and period depicted in the cave paintings had its own distinct artistic and decorative style. This fascinating location has a millennia-old history. Because of the dense foliage surrounding the caves, the paintings have been well preserved.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

11. Mandu

Mandav, Mandavgad, or simply Mandu – is a small town in the Dhar district of modern-day India. Mandu, a gateway to Malwa and an excellent natural watchtower, towers over the Narmada Valley and the Malwa plateau due to its unique geographical location on the rocky Vindhya terrain. For centuries, the town has been humming with political, trade, and through-fare activity.

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12. Omkareshwar

Omkareshwar is one of the sanctuaries of Dvadasa Jyotirling or twelve sanctuaries dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of Jyotirlingam. Located on the island of Mandhata by the Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh, Omkareshwar is a sacred island in the form of Om, a sacred Hindu symbol that attracts hundreds of pilgrims. The Narmada River forms a quiet pool in this quiet town surrounded by high hills. A 270-foot cantilevered suspension bridge over this pool adds to the beauty of Omkareshwara. Shiva appeared as a pillar of fiery light in the temple of Jyotirlinga. It was initially believed that there were 64 jyotirlings, but only 12 are considered auspicious and sacred. The supreme deity – another manifestation of Shiva – takes the name of each of the 12 places of Jyotirling.

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13. Panna

Panna National Park is located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, about 57 km from Khajuraho. Famous for its diamonds, this area is also home to some of India’s best wildlife and India’s best tiger sanctuaries. Wild cats, including tigers,  deer, and antelopes, have made the park world-famous. The park has the potential to become a major attraction as it is close to Khajuraho, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India.


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14. Amarkantak

Amarkantak, also known as Teerhtraj or King of Pilgrimage, is a beautiful mountain retreat and Hindu pilgrimage site in MP. This beautiful city is located between the Vindhya and Satpura mountains and has exquisitely built temples that are hard to find anywhere else. Situated at 1065 meters above sea level, Amarkantak is the confluence of three rivers:  Narmada, Jokhila, and Sone. This gives the city a beautiful landscape with dense forests. It is not only pleasing to the eye but also ecologically beneficial as it is a great place to grow medicinal plants.

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15. Satna

Satna, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, is known as one of the largest cement-producing cities in the world due to its rich reserves of limestone and dolomite. The city is also famous for its numerous religious sites. Sharadha Devi Temple,  Sai Baba Temple in Dhavari, Ashram Rawatpura, Venkatesh Temple, and other temples can be found in Chitrakut Dham. Madhavgarh Fortress, Gidhakut, and Jagatdev Talab are just a few of the historical sites worth visiting in Satna. Satna’s Pannilal Chowk is the place to shop for handicrafts at competitive prices.


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