18 Beautiful Poems and Shayaris By Piyush Mishra That Are Heartwarming

Piyush Mishra is an accomplished actor, singer, music director, lyricist, and scriptwriter in Bollywood. He is well-known for his work in movies like Maqbool, and Gangs of Wasseypur. Piyush Mishra got trained at the National School of Drama along with the late Irrfan Khan. The versatile professional has always been open about his life and his motivations for writing. According to Piyush Mishra, who wrote the dialogues for movies like The Legend of Bhagat Singh, and songs like Arre ruk jaa re bandey from Black Friday, he draws upon his childhood resentment and channels the anger into his writings. Piyush Mishara poems and shayaris pluck the deepest strings of the reader’s heart, and let them feel connected to the author through shared emotions. As a result of this, Piyush Mishra has become a popular person in the show business who attracts the attention of the masses and the classes alike with his performances.

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By his own admission, Piyush Mishra’s writings are influenced by his extensive practice of Russian literature. Piyush Mishra poems and shayaris are a commentary on society, and on interpersonal relationships. His literary work is widely appreciated and he has fans all over to prove that. Here are some famous Piyush Mishra poems and shayaris to be treasured in your mind.

1. Time is relative, but how?

2. Can love happen twice?

3. Dil toh bachcha hai ji…

4.  Writing can be therapeutic.

5. Can money buy your destiny?

6. Emotions on paper

7. Tootne mein bhi jo mazaa hai…

8. Diamond is just carbon under pressure.

9. Your expectations break your heart.

10. The thankless job…

11. Make yourself happy.

12. Khuda se shikayat…

13. How love changes you…

14. Fair weather friends.

15. Everyone has a price.

16. Perhaps we were not made for the boundaries.

17. Dreams keep you alive…

18. The tears you left uncried, let them flow.

So here we listed our favourite Piyush Mishra poems and shayaris to help you spend your time. What are some of your favourite Piyush Mishra poems and shayaris? Let us know in the comment section below! We are listening.

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