#DesiMomsBeLike: 10 Illustrations That Show The Quintessential Desi Mom


From using ‘Jhadus’ as their favorite weapon to freaking over the ‘ulta’ chappals, Desi Moms are melodramatic, emotional, sometimes trouble-some and yet full of great love and affection. Growing up with a desi mom is an altogether different experience.


We bring you 10 heartwarming illustrations about the quintessential desi Mom…

1. Indian Moms and their habit of serving more and more food 

2. The obsession of Desi Moms so make sure their daughters are ‘suitable’ for marriage

3. Her ‘yes’ to your travel plans depend on how many other girls are going 

4. Every discussion coming back to you marrying soon 

5. Half the decisions are passed on to ‘Papa’ for approval 


6. The hate of Indian Moms for our smartphones


7. What you do on Jan 1 is what you do all throughout the year – Indian Mom Logic 

8. The good luck of Indian Moms – Dahi Shakkar

9. What freaks an Indian Mom – Ulta Chappals

10. Beware of Indian Moms when they have lifted their favorite weapons

Irrespective of the melodrama, odd beliefs and the habit of constantly pursuing for marriage, Indian Moms are simply the best. Their love, sacrifice and commitment to the family and children is unparalleled.

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