Best Quotes from House of Dragons That Will Make You Go Wow!

We are overjoyed that House of the Dragon, the prequel to HBO’s Game of Thrones, is finally available. The television series is perfect in every way and depicts the Targaryen’s rule over the Iron Throne. Here are the top quotes from House Of Dragons that you would definitely love.

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1. Because glory is all that matters in the end!

2. Nobody else has the power to destroy us unless we let them do so!

3. Because the smartest is the strongest!

4. History is the ultimate strength we all have and must preserve!

5. Because there is no such man who lacks the patience for absolute power!

House of dragons is absolutely amazing and these quotes surely are the cherry on top! These were some of the best quotes from house of dragon that we love. We are sure you have yours favorite too. Do let us know your favorite quote in the comment section below.

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