Quran Kareem App

Having the Quran Kareem app is a great blessing for us. Now we can recite the Quran anywhere we want without carrying the whole Holy book with us. Compact Quran Kareem is available in words that are so small that they cannot read Quran Majeed. Now, what can be even shorter and smaller in the look and also fits in your pocket? You can download this prestigious application on your phone and have the quern Majeed on the go.  Following are some of the features of the Quran Kareen app

  • You can have the Quran in the written as well as in the audio form. However, if Arabic is not your first language, you must face trouble agreeing on Arabic. So, listening to the Quran while reciting will help you learn to recite the Quran better. 
  • The available audio Quran Kareem app is available in different dialects as well. Moreover, you can get it in the voice of some of the prestigious Islamic scholars as well. So, you can listen to Quran Majeed in the choice of your favorite Islamic scholar as well. 
  • Another one of the features of this application is that you get the call of prayer five times a day. 
  • If you want to offer other prayers, you can set the alarms for this as well. 
  • Calculation of the exact time of the call of prayer can be easily determined and is determined on its own in this application. So now, wherever you are with this Quran Application, you can always offer your prayers at the time with this call of prayer feature. 
  • You will not just get access to the Quran from this application but can also have access to numerous hadiths. With easy access, you can get hadith with the exact reference of the book it is taken from. 
  • Understanding the Quran matters a lot, so this Quran Kareen application has the Quran with translation. Translation along with the explanation of each ayah in this application as well. So, you will now not only understand the Quran but will also be learning the meaning behind it. 
  • You can bookmark any page you want and access that page later; bookmarking will help you save something for later. This can also be very helpful when you want to start reciting the Quran right where you left it last time. This way, you can finish your whole Quran for readers in that amount of time. 
  • The Islamic calendar is very important in a Muslim’s life. With this calendar, you can know which Islamic event will be coming soon. 
  • A qibla compass is also present within the Quran Kareem pp. This way, you will know which side you should be facing while offering your prayer. 

So based on all these things, you should get this Quran Kareem application, which will assist you in becoming a better muslin. You will have access to everything so your prayers and recitation of the Quran can go smoothly. So, get this amazing Quran for readers application now, and it will make your life very easier. 

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