These Top 33 Sacred Games Meme Templates Will Leave You In Splits


One of the most popular web television series on the Indian Internet, Sacred Games was an intense crime-action thriller series the audiences absolutely loved. Great performances from Nawazuddin Siddqui and Saif Ali Khan along with an engaging script made it an instant hit. Sacred Games meme templates also became popular amongst netizens and twitteratis following the record breaking viewership of this drama.


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We bring you some of the most popular Sacred Games meme templates on the internet.

1.  When you are eating pizza and your friend arrives

2. When you attend a wedding and find out there’s no alcohol

3. Friend: kaha hai? jaldi aaja bahot log aaye hai party me
Introvert guy: 

4. *Classmates discussing the paper outside the exam room*
Friend: 4th wale ka kya answer aaya tera?

5. When a girl calls you to ask for the help

6. Teacher insults me in front of the whole class
Back bencher me: 

7. When you leave your high paid job and follow your passion

8. *After changing my phone password*
My nephew who wants to play games on my phone: 

9. When you listen to remakes of your favourite 90’s songs

10. When your NRI friend uses Desi toilet for the first time

11. When everyone is excited for Valentine’s day
Single me: 

12. When I see two fighting on the road

13. English: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction








14. When my parents ask 14. Me about the food in the hostel

15. She: Mele babu ne thana thaya tya?

16. *Valentine week arrives*
Greeting card companies: 


17.  JEE/NEET students to the government: 

18. When you join the gym first time and your trainer keeps on saying – C’mon one more

19. Teachers to the most notorious students of the class:

20. People roaming around without a mask
Le corona virus:


21. When marriage is the last hope for you to get laid

22. When I call my mom after seeing 10 missed calls from her
Le mom: 

23. He: Chai or coffee
She: Chai

24. Q: Happy Birthday ke baad kya bolte hai?
My friends: 

25. Yotubers to tiktokers after the ban of tiktok in India

26. How was your childhood?
90’s kid: 

27. Me: Mast engineering kar leta hu, job lag jayegi
Le education system:

28. When my friends ask me to come to a trip at the end of the month.

29. When I accidentally watch Bigg boss for 10 seconds

30. Nobody:
Gold digger girl/boy: 

31. When you are the only girl in the batch of 90 students

32.  Me goes for shopping with my new girlfriend
Shopkeeper: Sir, aapke card me balance nahi hai
Me & my self respect: 

33. When you abused someone on social media and they tag the police in the reply

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There is a huge number of Sacred Games meme templates on the internet, which is understood considering the huge popularity and viewership of this series. Did we miss any of the popular Sacred Games meme templates on the internet? Comment below and we will add this to the list!

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