12 Best South Indian Comedy Movies That’ll Make You Go ROFL

No one does comedy as the South Indian film industry does! Hilarious would be a small word to describe these films. We have all at some point or the other have taken refuge in South Indian comedy movies after a long tiring day. The laughter that a comedy film from the South can induce is simply unmatched! Maybe that’s the reason why most of the famous Bollywood comedy movies are based on these films. Let’s have a look at the best South Indian comedy movies that will surely make you laugh out loud.

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1. Julai

Ravi helps the police to prevent a gangster named Bittu from robbing a bank. Bittu, burning with the fire of revenge, sets out to destroy Ravi and his family. Witty characters, satisfying twists, and rollicking humour make this Telegu comedy film a must-match.

2. Brand babu

Let’s start with the fact that the main character’s name is Diamond Babu, and this person is obsessed with brands and all things sophisticated. He tries to woo the home minister’s daughter for marriage but ends up wooing her maid.

3. Bheeshma

History is witness to the fact that a clash of ideologies between the lover and his beloved has been a perfect ground for comedy. Something similar happens between Bheeshma and Chaitra when his company starts working on something shady.

4. Devadas

A gangster and an honest doctor meet each other and find themselves forming an unbreakable bond of friendship. But then since the two professions are poles apart (not to speak about the moral grounds), the two friends begin to drift apart.

5. Panchatantra

Okay, a Kannada movie about a property dispute, a few agitated youngsters, some senior citizens, and a car racing competition. Does that sound like the perfect recipe for some comedy? It definitely does!

6. Chalo

Two people fall in love with each other only to find later that they belong to different castes. Obviously, they don’t have a problem with that but their parents do. The measures that they take to convince their families are laugh-worthy.

7. Ee Ma Yau

This movie deals with cynicism and dark comedy in a way that you might not have seen before. A man dies suddenly leaving his entire family to plan a funeral for him. The rest is highly symbolic chaos, and this chaos in turn makes this movie one of the best Malayalam movies ever made and a comedy that you weren’t prepared for.


8. Goli soda

Four boys turn against the same local leader who helped them open a mess hall when his cousin rapes a woman in that very hall. While the topic is series, the movie, for commercial purposes is layered with a coat of humour that relieves the viewers from the high drama.

9. Mankatha

A crooked police officer is suspended when he lets a smuggler escape. He later joins a group of thugs to rip off crores of money from a well-known gangster.

10. Nanban

Hey, have you watched the movie 3 idiots? Of course,  you have! Are you prepared to watch a Tamil version of the same? You know the answer.

11. Super Deluxe

This movie will make you feel uncomfortable with each passing minute. That is where the comedy lies. You’ll find yourself laughing in the places you never thought you would and getting serious at places when you are supposed to laugh. You need to experience it for yourself to know the feeling.

12. Avvai Shanmugi

Pandiyan finds a unique way to be closer to his daughter after losing his custody rights after separation from his wife. He disguises himself  an old woman, a nanny, and stays in his in-laws’ house, close to his wife and daughter. This movie is a comic riot.

Now that you are equipped with some of the best South Indian movies to watch, what are you waiting for? Happy watching! For more regional content, click here.

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