12 Best South Indian Romantic Movies That Will Melt Your Heart

These movies will surely melt your heart. From being guilty pleasures in the past by becoming these full-fledged romantic rides with powerful scripts, South Indian romantic movies have come a long way. While movies such as Roja and Minnale enjoy a cult following, recent movies such as 96 are winning hearts like never before. Let’s have a look at some of the best South Indian romantic movies that you need to watch if you haven’t already!


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1. Moonu (3)

10 years ago, the song Kolaveri Di took the internet by storm. This extremely catchy song was from this movie. But this movie offers so much more than just this song. Dhanush gives an excellent performance (some of the scenes still give me goosebumps no matter how many times I watch them) and Shruti Hassan is also phenomenal. This is not just a romantic movie but also an engaging psychological thriller. To say anything more about it would spoil the fun, but trust me, this movie is worth a watch.

2. Mithunam

This love story has elements common to most other cliched love stories, but it’s the well-thought-out plot and the performances that give this movie its unique flavour. This movie has only two characters Appadasu and Lakshmi, a couple that is young at heart. With their children living abroad, they only have each other for company. The movie carefully examines the dynamics of the relationship between a couple that has spent decades together. It is based on a Telugu novel of the same name.

3. Pariyerum Perumal

With an IMDb rating of 8.8, this movie is a love story that will leave you spell-bound. Jothi, an upper-caste woman falls in love with Pariyan, a man belonging to a lower caste. What follows is chaos and struggle and the audience is left to ponder upon the evil that still exists in the society.

4. 96

Two high school sweethearts, Ram and Janu, meet in a school reunion after 22 long years. As they reminisce about their past and struggle with emotions, this movie leaves you praying that they get back together. Do they? You need to watch the movie to know. The best thing about this movie is that it is so real and honest. No overtly sensual songs, no over-the-top display of emotions, just pure art.

5. Moondram Pirai

This innocent and heartwarming story is about a lonely school teacher who decides to rescue and take care of a woman who is suffering from retrograde amnesia after an accident. Sridevi gives the performance of a lifetime as Viji and Kamal Hassan simply shine as Srinivas. This movie is so pure and lovable that it will leave you wailing at the end. The last scene is one hell of a tear-jerker. This movie was re-released in Hindi as Sadma (1983).

6. Eega

This movie is a tragedy, but a tragedy had never been this entertaining. A woman’s lover is murdered by the villain. He reincarnates in the form of a housefly and uses all his/its might to save the woman from the villain. As silly as the previous two lines sound, the plot turns out to be damn interesting, clever, and engaging. More than anything else, this movie is a heartwarming love story of a man for a woman that goes beyond life itself.

7. Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa

The Hindi movie Ek Deewana Tha was a remake of this 2010 Tamil hit. Karthik, an aspiring movie director falls in love with Jessie. While Karthik is a Hindu Tamil boy, Jessie belongs to a traditional Malayali Christian family. It is a typical love at first sight movie with the iconic scene of Karthik leaning over the gate as he watches Jessie and falls head over heels in love with her. The various complications and hurdles in their relationship are explored in this feel-good movie.

8. OK Kanmani

The name sounds a bit familiar, right? OK Jaanu was the Hindi remake of this romantic Tamil movie. Director? Mani Ratnam. What is it with good romantic Tamil movies and Mani Ratnam? And yes, again, the music is by A.R. Rahman. The movie follows the story of Adi and Tara, who do not believe in the concept of marriage and decide to live together.

9. Ala Modalaindi 

This is the movie that introduced Nithya Menen to us. This romantic comedy is a fresh take on love, a concept that had been exhausted by this industry. Gautham fails to stop his ex-girlfriend from getting married. He ends up falling for a woman, named Nithya, who is already engaged. When he finally draws up enough courage to confess his feelings in front of Nithya, the latter’s fiance shows up! Hilarity ensues!

10. Minnale

The best for the last, eh? Rajesh falls in love with a girl named Reena in a scene that is so very beautiful that it has been etched in my mind. But later he finds out that Reena’s marriage has already been fixed by a man named Rajiv from America. Rajesh decides to pose as Rajiv and woo Reena. Things get complicated when the real Rajiv comes into the picture. Turns out, he is Rajesh’s nemesis, Sam, from college days. This movie was remade in Hindi as Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein. The music, iconic. The story, entertaining. The romance, c’mon this movie has the song Vaseegara (the original song behind Zara Zara) in it! Enough said.

11. Roja

Am I the only person who is singing the song Roja Janeman right now? This 1992 romantic thriller movie shows the love story between Roja, a simple village girl, and Rishi. Their love slowly blossoms after their marriage. When Rishi is abducted by militants in Kashmir, Roja desperately tries all in her power to bring him back safe. This movie is considered one of the best South Indian romantic movies ever made.

12. Premam

Is this movie the cutest or what? The movie is about George and his journey of understanding love. Sai Pallavi steals everybody’s hearts with her brilliant performance as Malar, a college lecturer. Well, this movie will provide you with the perfect answer to the question ‘Can love happen twice?’ Red velvet cake, anyone?

There you go, you are all set for a perfect date night. Check out our picks for some of the best Tamil romantic movies here. Also now that you have your list of the best South Indian romantic movies, happy watching!

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