The Fascinating Benefits Of Martial Arts

The list of martial arts is very long. Martial arts styles you must have heard of are Krav Maga, Taekwondo, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Jujutsu, Karate, Judo, Aikido, and Sumo. Some of them are worldly popular and some are not, but it’s less known fact that the older surviving martial art originated in India. It’s called Kalaripayattu (Kalari), and it’s dated back to at least the 3rd century BCE.

Martial arts are exciting to watch, no one can argue that. Many talented martial arts athletes are presenting their skills at different stages or TV screens, but besides being a source of entertainment, this sport has amazing benefits to those who practice it.

Although martial arts are often associated with violence, they are actually used to nurture non-violent conflict resolution. This is achieved by gaining self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-esteem through practicing martial arts. A person who believes in himself and his abilities and his self-control is at an enviable level, solves all his problems in life in a peaceful way and not by violence.

The opinion that people who practice martial arts are also fighters in other segments of their lives is respected. Combativeness refers not only to self-defense in the event of one’s threat, but to the power to fight for oneself and one’s rights in other ways.

Every sport, including this one, due to its involvement in physical activity, greatly contributes to health, a sense of fulfillment, and satisfaction. A special advantage of martial arts is that they teach a person that it is not easy to reach the goal and that perseverance pays off in the end. It also encourages teamwork, so the socialization of people who train in this sport is something they can be proud of.

Martial arts fans can also make new friends at the matches or even online through different fan pages or groups. Watching the competition live is an experience that is invaluable to many, and big matches are usually followed by betting. Even though people can’t witness martial arts matches live due to COVID-19 safety measures, betting in time of coronavirus is still an option many of them don’t want to miss out on. The uncertainty of the match until the very end keeps the spectators on the edge of the seat.

Young people who train martial arts can channel all their negative energy during training, and not on various antisocial activities. This is another way to reduce violence on the streets, at home, and in other places. In this case, the frustrations are directed towards something useful for mental and physical health.

In addition to self-esteem, by practicing these sports, people also learn how to respect other people around them. They achieve this by becoming aware of their body and its control through matches, and this progress allows them to observe themselves from a realistic point of view and respect their opponent.




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