The Importance of Your Home’s Square Footage When Relocating

The house floor area may come up in conversation while you’re looking for moving aid for your forthcoming relocation. A full-service moving firm (one that supplies both movers and a truck) is where you are most likely to hear this question, but it may come up any time you’re hiring movers.

When hiring movers from to pack your house into boxes, knowing the square footage can help determine how many packing supplies you will need. Learn the significance of square footage in your relocation with this helpful guide.

Generational space

As the number of families that live together across generations rises, the pressure on houses of more modest size and age might become apparent. Only a decade or two ago, houses were built with the idea of a single, nuclear family living in them. Due to escalating housing expenses, it is not uncommon for many generations of a family to live under the same roof.

With everyone crammed into one room, even a mansion might seem small. Consider the needs of future generations while making space allocation decisions. Every inch of your home may be put to good use by designating a specific area for each family member, whether it’s a sunroom for the grandparents, an office for the parents, or a teen hangout in the basement.

Utility Expenses

There is no universally accepted definition of square footage. A home’s lighting, HVAC, and plumbing systems must serve the whole structure. However, just because you have the financial resources to construct a larger home now does not guarantee that you have the financial resources to maintain a larger home.

Talk to several locals to get a sense of the going rate for monthly expenses in your new neighborhood. The current owner of a house can probably give you a good idea of what your monthly energy bills would be like.

Ties That Bind

The number of people living in your household should be the primary factor in determining the size of the house. However, other households are happy with less. One good general rule is to have enough seating for at least two individuals in every area for every room in the house. For example, there should be adequate for six people in the main room if there are three bedrooms.

For Two Distinct Reasons

Finally, remember that not every room in your house has to serve a single function, and this is particularly true if you’re creating a brand-new house. As a result, you may increase your home’s valuable square footage without significantly expanding its footprint by making rooms serve several purposes.

For example, incorporating a home gym into a multi-purpose area like a mudroom, laundry room, or craft room provides the convenience of a bigger house without the corresponding increase in square footage.

You Should Take These Steps to Prevent Moving Day Stress

Several freight moving firms and businesses rent portable storage containers (also known as a “POD”) that will ask you for the overall number of rooms in the home to assess how many storage containers or vehicle spaces you will need. However, because of the inaccuracies and the problems, it causes on moving day, we have already determined that this is not the best option.

Do not take any chances; count your home’s actual square footage. Your moving business and the movers allocated to your job will have a far more precise idea of the scope of your relocation if you take this step.

Do You Have A Lot Of Rooms?

In the past, you might have been asked, “How many bedrooms do you even have?” while requesting a moving quotation. An unusual inquiry if you give it any thought. The difficulty arises because “room” is not a standard measurement unit.

There is a wide range in room dimensions from one residence to the next, particularly while traveling between cities. The same holds if you examine two houses, one constructed in the 1950s and the other in the present.


On the day of the move, no one wants any “surprises” that may add time and money. Nobody wants to help you move—not your loved ones, not your friends, and especially not the packers you hired. If you take the time to calculate the total square footage of your house, you can be confident that your moving labor will be arranged in the most effective method possible.

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