The Legendary Karl Rappan

There are many coaches that leave a fantastic legacy in football. The is the best place to wager whenever the best coaches are present in the field. Probably, one of the most famous examples is Johan Cruyff with his concept of total football. However, another coach who also set the stage for a new tactic was Austrian national Karl Rappan.

He was a former player who played professionally between 1924 and 1935. However, he would become much more famous due to his coaching feats. He served as a manager of multiple squads between 1931 and 1971. All these squads are available on the 1xBet website to wager on. Some examples of these teams include:

  • Grasshoppers;
  • Servette;
  • Zürich;
  • and the Swiss national football team.

Despite being an Austrian citizen, he spent most of his coaching career in charge of Swiss squads and also the national team.

A new football concept

In the 1930s and 1940s, most football teams had ultra-attacking formations. Punters can make a football bet online – 1xBet features lots of games where lots of goals are scored.

However, Karl Rappan saw the limitations of those ultra-attacking systems of the era. They relied too much on the technical ability of the players. He wanted something that better suited more average players.

His answer came with the so-called “bolt”. This is a system that was ultra-defensive in nature, in contrast to most systems used at that time. The 1xBet website allows its members to make an online football bet on multiple teams, regardless of the tactics they use.

A highly influential coach

Of course, most football fans love when teams go on ultra-offensive endeavours. However, and to the dislike of most followers of the game, Karl Rappan’s concepts were exactly the opposite of that. His “bolt” concept turned his teams into ultra-defensive squads that could basically build solid walls to stop the opposing attacks. While waiting for another ultra-defensive football team, you can visit 1xBet – bet casino online and win with its excellent games.

Most coaches of that era played with only two defenders, which is something unthinkable in the modern game. However, the defense of Rappan’s teams started with four players in the back. Also, his squads completely conceded possession in the midfield. They waited for the attacks of the opponents, in order to have the chance to start quick counter-attacks. The 1xBet online casino is a great place for gaming before make the bet on the next great football game, regardless of the used tactics.

It should be noted that the “bolt” is seen as the main precursor to the Catenaccio. This is probably the most famous ultra-defensive football tactic in the history of the game.

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