Things That Actually Happened In India This Month: June 2023

We know you enjoyed our last month’s article on things that happened in India in the month of May 2023. So we brought you a sequel, in this article we discuss some interesting news stories from India that happened this month: June 2023. We got you all kinds of things that will sum up the amazing yet bizarre month that was this June. So without further ado lets begin:

1.) The Great Hotel Escape: Man Stays In 5-Star Hotel In Delhi For 2 Years, Leaves Bill Of 58 Lakhs

A man in Dehli is accused by the Roseate Hotel near the Delhi International Airport for staying there for 603 days and leaving without paying the bill which amounts to Rs 58 Lakhs. He checked in the hotel in May 2019 and stayed till January 2021.

2.) ‘Daku Haseena’ Who Pulled Off A Heist Worth 8.5 Cr Trapped By Police Using A Bait Of ‘Free Frooti’

Lady gangster ‘Daku Haseena’ AKA Mandeep Kaur was wanted for pulling off a heist worth 8.5 crores. The police, however, were able to outsmart the gangster. How? They baited her and her partner-in-crime by giving off ‘free Frootis’ and soon they fell into the police’s trap.

3.) Bengaluru Employee Makes A Bomb Threat In A Desperate Attempt After Getting Fired

Prasad Navneeth, a 25-year-old Bengaluru employee in a private company was on the verge of getting fired and his entry to the office was restricted. In a desperate attempt to regain access and plead with his bosses, he made a fake bomb threat. Obviously, this didn’t go well with the authorities as they filed a FIR against him.

4.) Karnataka’s New Free Bus Ride Scheme For Women Helps This Hubbali Woman Elope With Her Lover

A married woman from Hubbali, Karnataka was stripped of her money and mobile phones by her parents suspecting her intentions of eloping. However, the Karnataka Government’s new scheme of providing free bus rides for women helped her elope with her ex-boyfriend.

5.) Society In Greater Noida Bans Lungis And Nighties In Society Premises

The picture of this notice board in Himsagar society went viral on social media banning the use of lungis and nighties in society premises. The reason? some youths from outside commented on women’s clothes in society.

6.) News Anchor’s Hilarious Style Of Reporting On Cyclone Biparjoy Goes Viral

This clip from a news channel has gone viral. It shows this news anchor hilariously imitating as if she is stuck in the cyclone which we can clearly see is a work of green-screen. This clip just shows how news channels have been reduced to a joke now.

7.) Bihar Man Who Was Presumed To Be Dead Found As A Beggar Near A Momo Stall in Noida

In this highly twisted tale, a man from Bhagalpur, Bihar was presumed to be dead after the went missing. However, recently he was found by his brother-in-law as a beggar near a momo stall. Though what happened to him is still a mystery, his reappearance has made this story more heartwarming.

8.) Husband Divorces Wife, Complains She Makes Only Instant Noodles For All Meals

While married couples take divorces for a variety of reasons, this one has to take the cake. This instance from Telangana’s Ballari district went viral recently wherein a husband filed for divorce complaining that his wife doesn’t know how to cook and only cooks instant noodles for all meals.

Source: Wikipedia Commons, Representative Image

9.) Delhi Man Receives Delivery Package 4 Years Later!

Delhi’s Nitin Agarwal’s Tweet went viral in which he shares how he finally received a package he ordered 4 years ago! He ordered a package in 2019 from Ali Express, which got banned.

10.) Drunk Delhi Man Leaves Car, Wallet, Phone, And Laptop With Stranger

In this bizarre incident from Gurgaon, a Delhi man got so drunk that in an inebriated state, he left his car, laptop, phone, and wallet with cash to a stranger. It so happened that the stranger was driving his car with him and on reaching a metro station asked him to get off, and the man was so drunk he forgot it was his car.

Source: Pixabay, Representative image

11.) Jaipur Man Gives Maintenance Dues Worth Rs 55,000 In Coins To Ex-Wife

In a way to get back at his ex-wife, this Jaipur man decided to pay her the maintenance dues ordered by the court in coins. The court allowed it but in a twist, ordered the man to count them and organize them into Rs 1000 piles. Justice served I guess.

Source: Pixabay, Representative image

12.) UP Man Steals Bullet Bike And 1.9 Lakh Rupees To Take Wife To Manali For Honeymoon

Hashim, a man from Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad decided to take his wife for a dream honeymoon in Manali. He however did not have the funds for it and so decided to steal a Bullet bike and a Rs. 1.9 Lakh for it. When they returned, the police caught him and arrested him.

With that, we come to the end of the month of June 2023 and also the end of this article. While this month brought us some amazing new stories from around the country, we hope the next one too is as entertaining.

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