Top 10 Best Free Phone Games in 2022 For Students

There are so many free titles on Google Play and the App Store that many of us are overwhelmed by the abundance of available options. This selection will help you to understand which of the free projects are worthy of attention. Here you will find the best representatives of most genres – from strategies and first-person shooters to puzzles and platformers.


In this article, we have collected the best free games for Android and iOS phones. The selection includes games of good quality on the phone (modern) and simple with low requirements to satisfy any demand. In addition, they are quite fascinating, so we advise you to buy argumentative essay so as not to lose grades in school and play your favorite game with pleasure.


This is a wonderful arcade project, which, together with its prequel Alto’s Adventure, is among the most exciting games for mobile devices. The gameplay here consists of descending dangerous slopes, in the process of which it is necessary to dodge obstacles, flaunt spectacular stunts, and, of course, collect items encountered along the way. The main pluses of Alto’s Odyssey are its mesmerizing visual style, as well as fascinating gameplay.


The mobile version of the famous multiplayer project absorbed all the best that was remembered in the original: saturated gameplay, great graphics, and interesting team mechanics. Now everyone can choose their favorite heroes and take part in spectacular matches not only on home consoles but also on their phones at any convenient time.


This is a classic arcade project where you have to travel through a bizarre environment and destroy glass obstacles with metal balls, the stock of which is limited. The main pluses of the game are the simple but addictive gameplay, as well as the impressive physics of destruction, which still looks worthy to this day. With each completed location the level of difficulty in Smash Hit grows noticeably, so the game definitely won’t let you get bored.


This is a quality drag racing simulator that will appeal to all fans of online racing. Here the most powerful cars from real manufacturers are presented and they look especially impressive thanks to the fascinating graphics. The game features several modes, the most interesting of which is the races in multiplayer with users from all over the world. Among the main advantages of the title are the responsive controls and the deep system of car customization.


The famous project needs no unnecessary introductions. This is a fascinating action RPG with an open world, which has received a lot of prestigious awards and is ported to almost all home gaming platforms. The secret to the popularity of the title lies in its bright visual style, rich gameplay, as well as abundance of colorful characters, each of which boasts a unique character, backstory, and abilities unlike anything else.


This game is a great team shooter, made in the spirit of classic projects like Counter-Strike. There are several interesting game modes, as well as a great weapon and character customization system. Critical Ops is perfect for those who like dynamic shooters where victory depends on smart teamwork and quick reaction.


At the moment, the brainchild of Riot Games is deservedly one of the most popular card games. Unlike its main competitor Hearthstone, Legends of Runeterra does not require users to regularly invest real money in the game. Thanks to a clever rewards and achievements system, you can amass impressive card collections without spending a penny. Add to this interesting gameplay mechanics coupled with several modes and you have a worthy representative of the KKI genre.


This is the clear successor to such high-profile projects as League of Legends and DOTA 2, which absorbed all the best from its predecessors. In addition to the classic for the genre multiplayer here is also a single-player campaign with a very good story. By default, there are 3 heroes in the game, but you can unlock 7 more characters for online battles. All fans of the MOBA genre will find something in this project for themselves.


It is one of the last parts of the long-playing arcade racing franchise. It retains the same basic mechanics as its predecessors, but some things have changed. It is about the scale of the game: there are dozens of cars, hundreds of game events and tracks, and there is a rich online multiplayer. The entire series boasts excellent graphics, easy-to-learn gameplay, and extreme addictiveness.


Do you like quality RPGs in a fantasy setting? Then you should not pass by Age of Magic. Plenty of heroes, a deep leveling system, interesting turn-based battles, and regular events – this is just a small part of the game’s advantages. Especially worth noting are the stylish graphics, several fascinating game modes, and an impressive amount of content, which, according to the authors, should be enough for several hundred hours.

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