These Recently Trending IPL Meme Templates Are Truly Hilarious

The mega fest of Cricket, Indian Premier League  or the IPL is one of the events fans await all throughout the year. As the franchises battle it out for the coveted trophy in this long tournament, emotions run high and funny things happen on the field. It’s no surprise that IPL meme templates trend on the internet every year during this cricket mega fest.


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Here, we bring you some of the most hillarious IPL meme templates on the internet that you will certainly enjoy.

1. When you are watching a new movie and your friend says, dekhna ab aage yeh hoga
Le me:

2. Nobody:
Indians on girls’ photos:

3. 14 years old me looking at my English teacher/ma’am.

4. When your best friend breaks up with his GF who you never liked

5. Backbencher to frontbencher after scoring more marks than him

6. Me: Kal se main subah 6 baje se padhunga
Me at 6:10 am:

7. Me: Papa dosto ke saath goa….

8. She: HoW aRee YeW BaBy?

9. your parent watching you speaking in fluent english

10. When you did nothing and still class monitor writes your name on the blackboard

11. *Unknown number calling*
Introvert Me: Arey yaar kiska phone aa gaya?

12. Me after sending a message to the wrong person on WhatsApp

13. My GF’s reaction when I shave my beard

14.  Me after seeing my female batchmates on farewell day

15. When the topper guy who sits near to backbencher arrives in the exam hall
Backbencher guy:

16. Kids at my home when I’m attending a zoom meeting

17. Me when the internet isn’t working.

18. Me after 5 minutes of gym

19. When your friend badly need a girlfriend

20. 14 yrs old me after listening ‘Tune mere Jaane’ song

While IPL has been entertaining us since its inception way back in the year 2008, IPL meme templates have added to the excitement and adrenaline of this Cricket mega fest.

Which of these IPL meme templates is your favorite? Do let us know in the comments below.

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