Upcoming TV and Web Shows Releasing in March 2023

Summer 2023 is already here and that means ample time on our hands to binge-watch some good television. With regular old TV and a number of OTT platforms within our reach, there is no dearth in the number of shows we are all exposed to. Instead of returning to the same TV show you keep watching because you’re not sure what else is good, give these upcoming TV and web shows releasing in March 2023 a shot, so you’ll have a new favourite till the next summer!

1. The Mandalorian: Season 3 

Release date: March 1

Pedro Pascal returns as the main character in the first live-action Star Wars series, “The Mandalorian.” In season 3, fans will witness intense action as Djarin and Grogu reunite after their separation, and the story continues from there. The series first airs on March 1st and the finale is set to air on April 19.

2. Daisy Jones & The Six

Release date: March 3

The TV show depicts the journey of a rock band in the 1970s, from their emergence in the LA music scene to their rise to fame. The series also delves into the reasons behind their sudden disbandment during the peak of their success, through interviews with the band members.

3. You: Season 4, part 2 

Release date: March 9

The second part of the latest season of “You” promises a more intense and fast-paced storyline as Joe engages in a fierce battle with his mortal enemy Rhys. Fans are excited to see the return of the old Joe Goldberg, as well as some familiar faces. According to the official trailer, the upcoming episodes will have plenty of twists and surprises that promise to leave viewers stunned.

4. Ted Lasso: Season 3 

Release date: March 15

Ted Lasso’s third and final season explores a more serious theme where his protégé, Nathan, becomes his rival, causing turmoil on and off the pitch. Despite the challenges, Team Lasso is determined to give it their all. It is set to premiere on Apple TV+ from the 15th of March.

5. Shadow and Bone: Season 2

Release date: March 16

The second season of the fantasy series, based on Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse novels, follows the story of Alina Starkov, the Sun Summoner, and her conflict with the Shadow Summoner, General Kirigan. Fans are eagerly anticipating the return of the series, which is a hit among youth viewers. It will premiere on March 16 on Netflix.

6. Class of ’07 

Release date: March 17

During the ten-year reunion of an all-girls high school, a catastrophic tidal wave strikes, and a group of women are left to fend for themselves on their high school campus. The comedy TV series will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on the 17th of March.

7. Extrapolations 

Release date: March 17

The show is set to premiere on Apple TV+ and it is set in the near future when climate change has caused chaos on Earth. The show follows eight interconnected stories of people making choices about love, work, faith, and family, with ripple effects felt in their lives and those around them. With a star-studded cast and direction by Scott Z. Burns, this is a highly anticipated show.

8. Succession: Season 4

Release date: March 27

The Emmy award-winning family drama series will return to HBO for its final installment on the 26th of March and the Roy family showdown looks as promising as ever. With Logan intent on outsmarting his family yet again, the siblings in a power feud and the betrayals at the end of the last season, it is bound to be one rollercoaster of a ride.

9. Yellowjackets: Season 2

Release date: March 26

Yellowjackets is a TV show that delves into the trauma faced by a group of high school girls who survived 19 months in the wilderness. As adults in the present day, they are still grappling with the events that took place, with shocking truths gradually being revealed. Season 2 begins on this note, with Elijah Wood joining the cast like Christina Ricci, Juliette Lewis, etc., for this drama mystery series.

10. The Power 

Release date: March 31

In the sci-fi drama “The Power”, based on Naomi Alderman’s novel, every teenage girl has the ability to electrocute people. This inherited superpower is impossible to remove and leads to a shift in power dynamics when young and old females unite to change the world. It will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on March 31st, 2023.

So, what do you think of the list of upcoming TV and web shows releasing in March 2023? Do any of them seem like potential new favorites?

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