7 TV Shows Released in October 2023 That Are Worth Watching

American shows are impressing us a lot, right? Well, maybe not too much, but Netflix’s ‘One Piece’ show gave us hope when other shows weren’t doing well. Many more shows like the last season of ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Wednesday’ released in October and I am eager to watch them all! It’s Halloween, and American TV shows are catching the spooky vibe! Check this list of 7 TV shows released in October 2023. Show the scariest one to bullies around you!

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1. Loki | October 5 | Disney+Hostar

Loki is one of the most favorite antagonists that Marvel has ever produced! Its single series was released last year and got great ratings. Now, after Loki season one ended with a new opening to a multiverse- the second season is here to take the story forward. This six-episode series will take you along with all the adventures that the mischievous brother Loki is embarking upon.

2. Our Flag Means Death | October 5 | HBO Max

When a spot aristocrat is bored with his life- what will he do? Go fishing or horseback riding? Well, Stede Bennet chose to become a pirate(yes, you heard that right)! This thrilling comedy series deals with the stories of 18th-century pirates and quite impressively, also shows LGBTQ individuals. The show has good music, comic lines, and a lot of laughs along with a dark-themed show. It stars Rhys Darby in the lead role of Bennet.

3. The Fall of the House of Usher | October 12 | Netflix

This horror show is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories. It follows the story of a wealthy and corrupt business family where an air of mystery flows. But, once the children of the family start dying one by one- the real horror starts to engulf everyone. This horror mystery show directed by Mike Flanagan will stream on Netflix- if you are a lover of classic horror tales- this one is for you!

4. Goosebumps| October 13 | Disney+Hostar | Hulu

R.L Stines mots famous horror book series, Goosebumps is getting made into a series! The series will show the screen adaptations of R.L Stines’s several hair-raising creepy short stories. While many generations of teenagers enjoyed these stories- this is another sure-shot way of reviving the legacy of the great horror genre writer! The show is available for streaming from 13th October onwards and 5 episodes will release at one time.

5. Lessons in Chemistry | October 13 | Apple TV+

Based on Bonnie Garmus’ book by the same name, this Apple TV original TV series revolves around the story of Elizabeth Zott, a female scientist in 1960s America- who faces prejudices and is shown the exit in her laboratory job. Meanwhile, she decides and take on the role of a cooking show host for housewives. Her new role is now to educate women about scientific aspects of food and cooking.

6. Bodies | October 19 | Netflix

This is another chilling sci-fi crime drama series that Netflix is bringing for its viewers. It is adapted from a graphic novel by the same name and follows the story of a murder mystery that has remained unsolved for many centuries! It is now in the hands of the detectives to solve them and bring justice that has been pending for so long. What’s more intriguing is the fact that the murders follow the same pattern- a body found in the same spot in London in the years 1890, 1941, 2023, and 30 years into the future- it is a mind-bending timeline-crossing story that sounds like a must watch!

7. The Gilded Age Season 2 | October 29 | HBO Max

It is a period drama that has already seen a successful first season and the fans are eagerly waiting for another season. The 19th-century New York City, also popularly known as the Gilded Age- is explored in this show. How the wealthy and opulent people of that age and place lived and maintained relationships- that’s what is explored in this show! If you love the extravagant style, the glamorous and royal characters, and the memorable dialogues of the popular show Bridgerton- this one could also become one of your favorites!

So, what is the best way to watch all of these 7 TV Shows released in October 2023 (Global)? Mark your calendar and set a reminder on your phone in case you have missed them! Share your reviews after watching these shows, in the comments.

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