6 TV Shows Releasing in September 2023 To Watch Without Fail!

TV shows that capture a lot of interest from viewers and end with a cliffhanger are the most exciting. Why? Because these TV series are so well-made that we can’t wait for the next season. The anticipation becomes worth it when the new season finally airs. The 6 top TV shows coming out in September 2023 have already been announced, and we’re eager to share the details with you!

Some shows are also airing their final season, while others are completely new stories that we could easily become fans of! Curious about the TV shows premiering in September 2023? Take a look at the list here!

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1. The Wheel of Time Season 2 | Prime Video | September 1

This TV show is based on books by Robert Jordan. It’s about Moiraine, a woman in a world where only a few can use magic. She meets 5 mysterious people with magic and her life changes. They have useful but dangerous powers and live in different places. What will Moiraine do with these people and their powers? This Amazon Prime show will tell us!

2. I am Groot Season 2 | Disney+Hotstar | September 6

This mini-series is on Disney+Hotstar. It’s about young Groot and his funny adventures as he tries new things and meets strange characters. The first season was very popular, and people can’t wait for the second season! The new season will have Groot exploring new places and making us love him even more!

3. A Time Called You  | Netflix | September 8

This is a show about time travel, mystery, and love, based on a well-known Taiwanese series named ‘Someday Or One Day’. It’s about a girl named Jun-hee who’s sad because she lost her love. Then, she magically goes back to 1998, but in someone else’s body – an 18-year-old named Min-ju. In her new school, she meets a boy who looks a lot like her boyfriend! Jun-hee’s journey is full of ups and downs, and it’s really emotional.

4. Sex Education Season 4 | Netflix | September 21

The Sex Education series begins with a teenage student named Otis, who isn’t very experienced in sex but knows a lot due to his mother being a sex therapist. He helps many friends learn about it. The fourth season is the final one for this very popular Netflix series. Let’s hope this teen drama, which got a lot of attention recently, has a fantastic ending.

5. Castlevania: Nocturne | Netflix | September 28

This is a dark fantasy animated series from the US for adults. It’s about a vampire named Vlad Dracula Țepeș who goes to war against the people of Wallachia after his wife is killed. To fight him, a demon hunter named Trevor Belmont steps up. He gathers a team to battle the deadly vampire. The upcoming fifth season is a prequel that will tell the story of Richter Belmont’s beginnings, set during the French Revolution.

6. Gen V | Prime Video | September 29

Gen V is an action-adventure comedy set in the well-known universe of the TV show ‘The Boys’ – a great reason to tune in! The series delves into the early days of superheroes and how they got their powers from Compound V. The superheroes face moral and physical challenges to become the best heroes, like top students at a school. Let’s hope that creators Evan Goldberg, Eric Kripke, and Craig Rosenberg capture that same magic once more!

Are you excited to watch all of these shows, or have you created a special list for your September binge-watching? Share your picks from the list of TV shows releasing in September 2023 in the comments below!

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