What Happened When Indian Celebs Met Santa


Christmas is probably the happiest time of the year. The Christmas tree, twinkling lights everywhere and treats, who doesn’t love them? But who we love the most during Christmas is Santa who comes bearing Christmas Hampers for us. We all have fond memories of growing up listening to how Santa went from home to home, delivering gifts to every kid. But did you ever wonder what it’d be like when our dear Santa met some of India’s biggest celebs? Read on to find out.


1. Khan and Rao see some more intolerance here… 

When Aamir Khan Met Santa

2. When his identity gets misplaced… 

When Alia Bhatt Met Santa

3. Ahem, Santa be so apolitical…

When Digvijay Singh Met Santa

4. Madam, Madam everywhere…

When Jayalalita Met Santa

5. No exceptions! Sorry… (Might’ve helped if Santa got a great cough syrup)

When Kejriwal Met Santa

6. Santa failed. 

When Manmohan Met Santa


7. Some travel plans for Christmas…

When Modi Met Santa

8. If only Santa knew…

When Rahul Gandhi Met Santa

9. Always… Just being human you see…

When Salman Khan Met Santa

10. Oho!

When Sonia Gandhi Met Santa

11. Unbeatable!

When Rajnikanth Met Santa

Looks like our Indian celebs would be tough to please, even for Santa himself. Haina?

Concept: Bishnu Narayan Singh and Ashwani Dadhich

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