5 Sports That We Might See At the 2028 Summer Olympics

The Summer Olympics (and in a smaller part, the Winter Olympics) are the celebration of international sports. Next year’s edition will be hosted by France, but the preparations for the 2028 event are also already underway.

Each new edition of the Summer Olympics comes with the addition of new sports to the roster. Some of them are established disciplines you might even encounter at Betway MW – others, in turn, are emerging ones hoping the world will finally learn more about them. Here are the sports you’ll hopefully be able to follow – and hopefully, bet on – at the 2028 Summer Olympics, hosted by Los Angeles, USA.


Cricket needs no introduction. This bat-and-ball game has been around for ages and has been a staple at betting outlets around the world. And it was an Olympic sport at one point – it was played exactly once, at the 1900 Summer Olympics, with Great Britain winning the Gold medal.

Cricket will probably return to the Olympic circuit at the 2028 event.


There are few sports more American than baseball. And, since the upcoming 2028 Summer Olympics will be hosted by the USA, baseball is an obvious choice for the event. And so is softball. Both sports were played sporadically at the Summer Olympics in the past and earned their place in the 2028 event as well.

Flag Football

A variant of American football, Flag Football comes with the extra task of removing a flag from the attacker’s belt to end a down, instead of tackling. It is a sport with a strong amateur following that the world will learn more about at the 2028 Summer Olympics.


No modern sport is so truly North American than Lacrosse, with its origins with the indigenous peoples of the continent. It is a stick-and-ball game played by two teams, often with protective gear, considering the full-contact nature of the activity. Lacrosse has been played at two Olympics – 1904 and 1908 – then demonstrated in three. Now, it returns to the roster at the 2028 event.


Squash is a racket-and-ball sport where the players hit the balls against a wall, trying to make their opponents miss their returns. There are at least 20 million squash players in the world, which all lobby for it to become an Olympic sport. Their wish may just come true at the 2028 event.

Final words

The Summer Olympics always represent opportunities for new sports to become known to the world. At the 2028 edition, we’ll hopefully have a chance to know sports like squash, lacrosse, softball, and flag football even better – maybe even find a new one to be passionate about both in front of the screen and at our local bookmaker.

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