That’s how you become an ‘Adarsh Girlfriend’!

Love isn’t perfect. Neither is your girlfriend. OK, we are kidding! Ladies, we love you the way you are. But, a man can only dream, right? So what would an ‘Adarsh Girlfriend’ be like?

After ‘Adarsh Boyfriend‘, here comes our stereotypical depictions of an ‘Adarsh Girlfriend’ in association with Vee.

A little disclaimer, this is all in jest. No girlfriends were harmed for the sake of this article.

1. Because guys hate to shop. No matter what they say to you, they HATE it!

Adarsh Girlfriend (1)

2. Because sharing is caring. And love grows when you share!

Adarsh Girlfriend (2)

3. Because equality. But we won’t mind if you pick up the whole tab, ladies!

Adarsh Girlfriend (3)

4. Because the way to a man’s heart is…you know the rest!

Adarsh Girlfriend (4)

5. Because no guy likes to sit through sappy rom coms all day.

Adarsh Girlfriend (5)

6. This one works out even better if she is waiting at home with some food.

Adarsh Girlfriend (6)

7. Because adjust toh karna padta hai na!

Adarsh Girlfriend (7)

8. A woman should have eyes for only her man. No one else!

Adarsh Girlfriend (8)

So, is your girl an ideal one – an ‘Adarsh Girlfriend? Do comment to let us know!

Design: Rohit Bose

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