15 Best Dialogues From ‘The Last Of Us’ That Capture Raw Emotions

The Last of Us is an American post-apocalyptic drama show that has got a loyal fan base owing to its deep story and realistic moral arcs. It is one of the few series that is based on a video game and became as much of a success as the game! The series is created by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann and part of its huge success is the central characters that are written and acted with much passion. The characters in the show are dealing with a fungal-based infection turning people into zombies and the few humans left alive are trying to survive this pandemic.

The show premiered in 2023 and has already received praise for its story, characters, and the performances of the actors. Furthermore, the dialogues in the show are also getting extreme popularity among the viewers. So, we bring to you a list of the 15 best dialogues from The Last of Us that left us speechless.

1. Who will Joel Save?

2. Support system…

3. A crazy man…

4. Who to choose?

5. The acrimony seeps deep…

6. It is true, they don’t.

7. When the trouble is near… 

8. Survival of the Fittest…

9. To have one’s back.

10. Better we accept the truth instead of running away.

11. Treading on thin ice…

12. Just a bit of a disagreement.

13. Having her back.

14. Trusting in times of trouble.

15. Without the will, there is no way.

16. To be the last one to survive it is important to endure.

The series is sure to give you some traumatic scenes but a reality check on a post-apocalyptic world that we definitely never want to face! Also, don’t forget to tell us your favourite dialogues from the series.

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