12 Best Indian Prank Videos That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


There was a time when prank videos and funny commentary on the videos were the only things we watched on YouTube. Prank videos had such a chokehold over the Indian internet that people created new channels, especially for prank videos, and made it their brand. There are still some harmless prank videos that retain the originality of the prank genre in India. Here’s a list of the best Indian prank videos on YouTube that you must watch for a good laugh.

1. Mask Ka Challan Prank 

Shot during the pandemic when everyone lived in the fear of being fined for not wearing a mask, this video perfectly captures people’s responses!

2. SARKATTA PRANK | Headless man 

What will people’s reaction be when they encounter a headless man roaming around in the streets? Watch the video and see for yourself!

3. Pranking my angry dad gone wrong

Applauding the creator of the video for mustering the courage to prank his own father! This video was on all of our screens making it the best Indian prank video of all time.

4. Fake Firing PRANK | Fake G-U-N shot prank 

Hearing gunshots on the streets while walking is never a good sign. Check out people’s reactions and looks of relief when they come to know that it was a prank

5. Bauaa prank call to Pakistan

Bauaa’s prank calls have always been an interesting affair to hear. Listen to this entertaining telephonic conversation between Bauaa and a man in Pakistan during the World cup of 2019


Watch two men scare the sh*t out of random guys by telling them that they are about to get beat up. The reactions are priceless!


7. Fake Spider Attack Prank On Public | Big Remote Control Spider Vs Man Prank Video

What will you do if you see a big spider crawling towards you? Will your reaction be the same as the people in this video?

8.  Eating Girls’ PANIPURI Prank 

It’s an indisputable fact that there is nothing better than panipuri. Every bite of one plate of panipuri is cherished. But what if the joy of eating a panipuri is unexpectedly stolen from you? Check out these hilarious reactions

9. News Reporter Exposing Hot Girls In Goa | Breaking News Prank

Watch these foreigners be in utter confusion as a reporter makes amusing  (yet harmless) commentaries while speaking to a camera.

10. Holi Prank on Girls

The worst fear during Holi is getting drenched with water and colour when you aren’t ready for it. Watch these girls get pranked as the pranksters pretend to throw a bucket full of water right at them!

11. Dancing with Strangers- Prank by TST

Will people start dancing as soon as a beat starts playing? I know I will! Watch a similar reaction in this prank video. It will surely bring a smile to your face! This is one of the best Indian prank videos that I enjoyed watching!

12. Beggar Singing English Songs

Watch this emotional and unexpected reaction of people as they see a beggar start strumming a guitar and singing in her beautiful voice.

All of these videos went viral on the internet gaining more than a million views. Although the prank scene in India has escalated and pranksters usually go to extreme limits to prank people and gain views, the creators of these videos made sure that no one was harmed during their making. That’s what makes these videos the best Indian prank videos of all time.

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