11 Best Indian Viral Videos Of 2022 That Broke The Internet


The Internet is one big place that never fails to disappoint. There is something new popping up at a corner of the Internet literally every second, and you never know when something goes viral. It helps bring people together, random strangers bond over things as mundane as some weird habits they share, and also helps spread awareness and bring assistance to people in times of distress. Let’s take a look at some of the Indian viral videos of 2022 so far, and why exactly they got so popular.

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1. This adorable video of a cow sitting ever so comfortably, with a seatbelt on! How cute is this? 

2. How big a dare can you pull off for your significant other? Definitely not as big as this one – sneaking them out in a suitcase. Of all things, a suitcase! 

3. Times Now anchor Rahul Shivshankar’s faux pas went viral when he addressed the wrong guest on his show. Not only addressing them, he scolded the wrong guest assuming he’s Ukrainian! Check out the hilarious clip. 

4. This video of NDA Cadets singing their souls out. This refreshing video of them singing Sufi hits is all the motivation you need. 

5. This outright shocking food combo that had everyone weirded out! Masala Dosa and ice cream rolls, anyone? No? Thought so. 


6. This act of silent rebellion had everyone in splits. 

7. This act of courage not many can pull off. Yogita Satav is a homemaker from Pune who took over from the bus driver when he suffered a seizure. Check her video out for yourself. 

8. One of the sweetest moments, when the Indian team gathered around Pakistani skipper Bismah Maroof and her daughter to play with the baby. 

9. Standing up for yourself, and how. This video of a bear standing up to a tiger awed netizens. 

10. Struggles of a different kind. That time, when a Shiv Sena worker fought to wear his mask properly. The clip sparked an entire meme fest. 

11. A midnight run in Noida by a young Army aspirant wins internet attention.

नोएडा की सड़क पर कल रात 12 बजे मुझे ये लड़का कंधे पर बैग टांगें बहुत तेज़ दौड़ता नज़र आया https://twitter.com/vinodkapri/status/1505535421589377025

– Vinod Kapri(@vinodkapri) March 20, 2022

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