25 Viral Indian Videos of 2021 That Took the Internet by Storm

The 2010s were all about social media and sharing every aspect of our lives. These days, every one has access to a smartphone and the internet, and we live in a world where it’s almost too easy to film ourselves. With more and more people glued to their phones, our digital and corporeal lives seemed to have merged, and we more or less live on the internet as much as we do in the actual world. And while all of that may sound a little philosophical, it can be said without doubt that all of these changes have culminated in a world where people are continuously documenting their lives. Visuals that we would not have otherwise ever seen now finds a nice spot on the internet because somebody bothered to open their camera app. The internet, as a result, is full of a variety of content, and these viral videos Indian videos of 2021 are a little window to anyone in the future who’d want to look back on this train-wreck of a year.


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1. This heartbreaking video of a young girl whose zeal for life wasn’t enough to save her from covid: 

2. Even though covid ravaged through the country killing thousands every day, it had no effect on “covidiots” who continued to avoid all precautions. In this video recorded in Mussoorie, maskless people can be seen partying and picnicking in the middle of the pandemic: 


Source: Twitter

3. This Muslim man’s rendition of the title song of B R Chopra’s Mahabharata touched hearts:

4. The video of this car being swallowed by earth during Mumbai rains left many panicking. But of course, it also inspired one too many meme:

Source: Twitter

5. This little kid in Dharamshala asking everyone to wear a mask as people continue walking, ignoring him, is both adorable and shameful: 

6. This dude put up a post on Linkedin saying he wanted to intern at CRED, so instead of just saying he was worthy of the job, he proved it by illustrating just how good he was. (And it worked.):

7. This man made art out of what can only be a very gruelling task: 

Source: Twitter

8. When a maskless couple was stopped by the Delhi police, the woman had… rather colourful things to say: 

9. This scene from a TV soap that left netizens in splits: 

Source: Facebook

10. This adorable girl from Kashmir had a very special message for “Modi Saab.”:

11. This CCTV footage of a speeding bike crashing into (INTO) a clothing store is the reason why not everyone should be allowed to drive: 

Source: Youtube

12. Kid throws adorable tantrum when he is refused a burger. ☹

13. Elderly vendor sells what looks like the healthiest sprouts chaat you can ever find on an Indian street:

Source: Instagram

14. Kiren Rijiju, Minister of Law and Justice, shared this video of him dancing a traditional dance at a village in Arunachal Pradesh: 

15. This little girl had the perfect reaction when flying with her pilot father for the first time!:


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16. This video taken outside Bangalore airport of a kid saluting an Indian soldier went instantly viral:

Source: Twitter

17. When this pilot made his flight announcement in Bhojpuri, [everyone liked that]:

18. This terrifying footage of waves crashing into the Gateway of India will leave anyone anxious: 

Source: Twitter

19. When an eatery at Ahmedabad started selling Oreo pakoras… everyone wondered why: 

20. This year was especially rough for Northern India, with excessive rains and floods causing massive landslides all around hilly regions. This huge landslide took place in Shimla-Kinnaur highway, as people watched: 

Source: Twitter

21. I honestly do not know what is happening here –

22. Free car washes for the win! All you need to do is wait for Delhi to flood again.

Source: Twitter

23. In this hilarious video, a lineman catches a man red-handed when he’s trying to cut an illegal electric connection:

24. Even though India’s supposed war against corruption was one of the biggest reasons for the downfall of Indian National Congress, this video of bundles of cash being recovered from a drainage pipe at a Karnataka engineer’s house prove that corruption is well and alive. 

Source: Twitter

25. When the video of this girl from Lucknow violently slapping a cabbie in the middle of the road went viral, people were obviously outraged. 

How many of these viral Indian videos of 2021 had you come across? Comment below to let us know!

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