10 Best Malayalam Movies Of 2023 That You Should Definitely Watch

In recent years, the Malayalam film industry has been growing rapidly. And Mollywood’s appeal is no longer exclusive to South India; it now has a large fan base that spans all of India and even the world. There are a few top-rated recent Malayalam movies of 2023 that everyone should definitely add to their watchlist. These films stretched the boundaries of regional cinema and produced some works of art. We are confident that our list of best Malayalam movies of 2023 will appeal to you if you enjoy watching good quality films.

1. Romancham 

But a comedy horror film? We get this great formula from the movie Romancham, bingo. The comedy in the film is pure and unadulterated; interestingly, it draws inspiration from actual events. There is no embellishment or absurd humor. The writer-director Jithu Madhavan’s genius enters the picture at this point. The movie center’s on a bunch of young people from Bengaluru who enjoy playing Ouija. The ghost they conjure using an Ouija board decides to hang back, which causes problems for them and humorous situations for us. The director succeeds in creating a terrifying environment, at least for the characters, without using any traditional “ghost” trappings or a ghost.

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2. Ayisha

Ayisha, a single mother, departs for the Middle East with the hope of beginning a new life and resolving all of her financial problems back home. She quickly integrates herself into the Arab family she works for as a domestic. In the movie, her turbulent past is revealed as she tries to fit into the new culture. The upbeat drama investigates suffering, leaving, the final seconds before death, betrayal, and the enchanted connection that unites people beyond borders.

3. B 32 Muthal 44 Vare

In response to the size and shape of their breasts, five women and a trans guy are exposed to body shaming. As they start to accept who they are, they look back at society. Filmmaker Shruthi Sharanyam’s first film as a director is a well-made picture by a woman for society. It poses a few queries in an effort to dispel long-held social stereotypes about the obligations and demands placed on women in the name of femininity.

4. Iratta

With a 7.7 IMDb rating, this movie explores the bond between two brothers, childhood trauma, and rivalry between siblings. The movie is a suspense thriller, and none of the characters are ever made to make the audience love or dislike them. The movie belongs to everyone on screen, unlike the current fashion. The film Iratta grips you steals your breath and leaves you hurt.

5. Ntikkakkakkoru Premandaarnnu

It was a nice surprise when Sharafudheen and Bhavana portrayal of reunited childhood sweethearts in Ntikkakkakkoru Premandaarnnu. It provides a straightforward tale but is made more interesting by the narrative provided by the many characters’ asides. The soul-soothing music and restrained use of the dramatic technique make Ntikkakkoru Premondarnn a lovely feel-good film.

6. Ennalum Ente Aliya

Due to a few miscommunications, two immigrant families that reside in the same Dubai apartment complex accidentally meet together. As soon as the real perpetrators of love affairs are identified, things take an outrageous turn.

7. Theru

In unusual circumstances, Hari and his two friends become involved in a murder investigation. They address power struggles, helplessness, and trauma. “Theru “, the next thriller from SJ Sinu, gets off to a really dull start. However, the way the movie changes into a survival thriller in the second half keeps you interested.

8. Thankam

From Thrissur, Kerala, two gold smugglers who are also best friends are working together. During one of the smuggling trips to Mumbai, one of the two friends is discovered dead in his hotel room, hanging from the ceiling. Mumbai police head to Kerala to hunt down the murderer while an inquiry gets underway. The world has also been flipped on its head.

9.  Christopher

When the system breaks down, a law-abiding cop is forced to work outside the bounds of the law. The plot spans both the past and the present while exposing the motivations driving his behaviour.

10. Pookalam

Pookalam is a wholesome family entertainer with feel-good moments that will keep you interested in the film. The film’s plot is particularly unique because it centers on a 100-year-old man who unwittingly learns that his wife had an affair while they were married.

We have curated a list of some of the Best Malayalam Movies Of 2023 which have been released so far, we hope our suggestions were helpful to you.

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