15 Best YouTube Channels For Indian Politics You Should Follow

We are a byproduct of and entangled in the social structures developed to improve survivability. Human beings have institutions that have been built to do the same thing, much as ants or termites inherit structures created by earlier generations to address earlier difficulties. Each successive generation is tasked with adapting those structures as necessary to deal with the issues of the day. This is why it is important for us to pay attention to politics. To learn more, you can follow these YouTube channels for Indian politics!


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1. Sarthak Goswami 
A Satirist by trade and ardour. For more than three years, Goswami has been producing satire and sociopolitical content. He thinks that the potent language of content production may be used to effectively decode and express even the most difficult subjects.

2. Kroordarshan 
This channel has a unique way of bringing you all the information you need –by analysing Indian media through data, memes & infotainment.

3. Kumar Shyam 
In addition to teaching in schools, Kumar Shyam works as a journalist, analyst, and YouTuber. He strives to provide a thorough relational understanding of political, economic, and social concerns on his YouTube channel. His YouTube account debuted in December 2017. He is well known for creating videos in support of Left-wing politics and is one of their supporters.

4. Being Honest 
Being honest gives you weekly access to honest political videos. This channel was developed with truth searchers in mind. This is one of the best YouTube channels for Indian politics.

5. Soch by Mohak Mangal
The purpose of Soch by Mohak Mangal is to educate Indians about important issues that affect our society, yet are either disregarded or accepted without much consideration. Every video on this channel covers a brand-new topic after doing a significant study. On May 1, 2018, Soch launched his YouTube channel, which has received more than 11 million views.

6. PeeingHuman 
Videos on Indian politics and the news media are produced by PeeingHuman. He launched his YouTube channel on October 18, 2011, and it has received more than 142 million views.

7. Newslaundry
News after news after news Crediting the devil was necessary despite the slants, compromises, prejudices, praise, criticism, and confusion between “news views.” Nothing is off-bounds here. We tell it like it is and value those who do the same. On July 26, 2011, Newslaundry launched its YouTube channel, which has now received more than 51 million views.

8. The Deshbhakt 
The first and largest political and social satire platform in India is called Akash Banerjee Channel. They want to make politics and social issues more approachable and entertaining to talk about, particularly for the internet generation. We are equal opportunity offenders who think that all political parties are the same and that in order to protect the nation’s and democracy’s interests, the populace MUST QUESTION EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE. On August 17, 2007, he launched his YouTube channel, which has now received more than 113 million views.

9. Dhruv Rathee 
Dhruv Rathee produces in-depth, educational videos on social and political topics for YouTube and exposes the paid propaganda and lies that are propagated throughout India to deceive the populace. It’s difficult to believe what you see on TV because the majority of mainstream publications and social media platforms have sold out to various political and corporate influencers. He launched his YouTube channel on January 7, 2013, and it has received more than 275 million views. This is one of the best YouTube channels for Indian politics.

10. The Lallantop 
Editor, senior journalist, and creator of The Lallantop, Saurabh Dwivedi. He is well-known for his deshi brand of unbiased reporting. He is presently regarded as one of India’s most renowned and well-known journalists. Saurabh joined the Indian Times Group, where he worked for two to three years and gained a wealth of journalism knowledge and expertise. After that, Saurabh Dwivedi joined Navbharat Times under the Times Group, where he worked for three years and produced some of his best work. With a wealth of journalism expertise, he launched “The Lallantop” as a channel and website in 2015.

11. The Sham Sharma Show

The Sham Sharma Show defines itself as a show “dedicated to raising a voice for India’s indigenous culture. This channel looks at politics, culture, and pop culture and tries to make sense of things, past the bias and misinformation. The channel strives to debunk bias against India’s native culture and campaigning that all cultures and ideas be studied dispassionately and judged on their merits, history, and actions”. It is hosted by Shambhav Sharma, and presents a nationalist point of view.

12. The Print

Editor Shekhar Gupta established the news, analysis, opinion, and knowledge website ThePrint.in August 2017. It is narrowly focused on politics, policy, and administration. The most seasoned and reputable journalists in India with a track record of success in the best news organisations make up its leadership team. They have their headquarters in New Delhi and are currently establishing a network around the country because we think it is important to support excellent investigative and challenging journalism.

13. The Jaipur Dialogues

The Jaipur Dialogues defines itself as “A Platform for The Right Thinking People. An endeavor to bring the best minds together for in-depth exchanges of thoughts and ideas. Besides physical events, now, hosting, digital events in a big way!” With a subscriber base of 733K viewers, it engages in several debates over the various trending political and social issues and creates a dialogue on a regular basis.

14. String

String describes itself as “Most of the Mainstream media is biased/corrupt/scared to reveal Truth or not interested in bringing out the facts to the public. That’s when we need “STRING”. There is a dire need for voices pro-nation and unity among nationalists. We play a major role in bridging this gap. “Fearlessly exposing the Anti-Nationals and global nexus who constantly works against the nation”. Spirituality is our core and we work towards raising the awareness among people about the glory of Bharat. ” They engage in nationalist dialogue and controversy handling and are currently edging close to 100K viewers.

15. An Open Letter

The channel engages in debates over several trending and popular topics that bring forth various issues, and create discourse over them. It describes itself as a channel asking the right questions.

This is the list of the best YouTube channels for Indian politics. Be sure to enlighten yourself every day!

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