10 Best Dhamaal Meme Templates That Will Make You Go ROFL


Released in 2007, Dhamaal was a movie people absolutely fell in love with with its amazing performances, great comic timing and funny dialogues. The epic scenes from the movie has especially been a favorite of memers and social media users with Dhamaal meme templates being used to describe news and real life situations.


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We bring you some of the most popular Dhamaal Meme templates on the internet.

1. Me and my homies checking out girls outside our tuition 

2. *Relatives visits our house*:
Mom: Beta, uncle ko gaana sunao
14 yrs old me:

3. Single guys after 6 months into a relationship: Nahi Karna Tha

4. Teacher: chalo sab line bana ke khade ho jao. Short height wale student:
Pata nahi aise situations mein, mein automatically aage kaise aa jaata hoon


5. Me: Sir, my computer isn’t working properly.
Customer care: restart karo…
Abhi Chalu ho jayega

6. Me when someone offers red lays chips v/s Me when someone offers blue lays chips

7. Nobody:
Other diseases to coronavirus: Jabse tu mila hai na, apna to aatank hi khatam ho gaya hai yaar

8. When a pet dog goes for a walk and receives no barks from street dogs.
Le pet dog: Lagta hai wo log chale gaye

9. Son: papa mera corona test negative aaya hai
Papa: Nalyank, yaha bhi fail ho gaya

10. Me trying to hide from my adulthood responsibilities

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Inspired from the 2001 American comedy film Rat Race, Dhamaal was also box office hit raking in around INR 50 Crores at the box office which was spectacular at the time of the release.

Which of these Dhamaal meme templates did you find the funniest?

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