15 Best Dialogues from John Wick That Will Knock Your Socks Off

The ‘John Wick’ franchise is a popular American action thriller movie that began in 2014 and received a great response from audiences. Directed by Chad Stahelski, and written by Derek Kolstas, the film star Keanu Reeves in the iconic role of John Wick. Reeves got himself loads of applause and a massive fan following owing to his brilliant performance in the film franchise.

The John Wick movies are about a Hitman, John Wick (Keanu Reeves) who has retired and decided to live a peaceful life with a beagle puppy gifted to him by his wife before she died. Grieving John was looted by the gang members of the Russian Mafia Losef. Little does he know that he has unknowingly unleashed the wrath of the legendary “Baba Yaga” upon them—a force that will bring havoc upon them all. The show had its 4th and latest chapter released in May of 2023 and received rave reviews from the audiences. Over time, several of John Wick’s dialogues have become iconic. Here are some of the best dialogues from the John Wick franchise.

1. What will be the choice?
“So I guess you have a choice. You want a war? Or do you wanna just give me a gun?”

2. Breaking bad
“I’ll say this, John. They sure as fuck broke the mold with you.”

3. Do I or Do I Not?
“Do I look civilized to you?”

4. Thinking Through
“Have you thought this through? I mean chewed it down to the bone? You got out once. You dip so much as a pinky back into this pond, you may well find something reaches out and drags you back into its depths.”

5. Precarity of Life
“There’s no rhyme or reason to this life. It’s days like today scattered among the rest.” 

6. Falling behind…
“You look good. And here I’d feared you’d left all this behind.”

7. John Wick is Baba Yaga…
“That “fuckin’ nobody”… is John Wick. He once was an associate of ours. They call him ‘Baba Yaga.”

8. Civilized Way of Resorting Things
“Let us not resort to our baser instincts and handle this like civilized men to move on.”

9. Precarity of Time
“People don’t change. You know that. Times, they do.”

10. The Code
“I know what you’re thinking, Jonathan. We live by a code. Which is why I’m not the one telling you that a certain helicopter on a certain helipad is being fueled for a certain someone.”

11. The Membership
“Your membership to the Continental has been, by thine own hand, revoked.”

12. The Price of Everything…
“Everything’s got a price, bitch.”

13. Support System
“John, I’m sorry I can’t be there for you. But you still need something, someone to love, so start with this. Because the car doesn’t count. I love you, John. This illness has loomed over us for a long time and now that I have found my peace, find yours. Until that day, your best friend, Helen.”

14. Tasked to Beat
“Now, as I recall, weren’t you the one tasked to dole out the beatings, not to receive them.”

15. Not Scared of the Boogeyman!
“Are you scared of the fuckin’ boogeyman? I’m not.”

John Wick movies have created a new standard for Hollywood movies by including powerful dialogue, stylish action sequences, and a tight-knitted plot. These best dialogues from the John Wick franchise have become an integral part of its success, leaving a lasting impact on audiences.

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