20 Best Trending English Songs for Instagram Stories | 2023


Many of your Instagram stories became hits due to the best tunes that garnered numerous views and likes. The music should not only be trendy but also align with the reel’s vibe and complement the post content. Additionally, selecting songs that suit parties, vacations, dances, or other occasions can be as challenging as editing your story. However, what if you had a curated list of the top 20 best English songs instead of sifting through a thousand options? That would make the task less tedious!

Therefore, we have compiled a collection of the 20 best English songs for Instagram stories to assist you in selecting the perfect song.

1. “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus

Considered the breakup anthem of 2023, the song Flowers sung by Miley Cyrus is a sad song to fit on any emotional Instagram story.

2. Kill Bill – SZA [Party Version] DJ Bellah

Kill Bill party version is a song with catchy beats perfect for any GRWM stories, gym videos, or any other Insta reel to get more and more views on your story.

3. “Anti-Hero” by Taylor Swift

Anti-Hero is the latest track by Taylor Swift that is already very popular on Instagram reels and stories. You can also get on the ‘trend wagon’ and add this to your next Insta story.

4. “Massive” by Drake

Massive has got high-energy beats because of which this latest track is seen in every other Instagram story. Its upbeat music could fit in any of your Instagram vlog stories.

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5. “Blind” by SZA

Blind is the 6th song of SZA’s studio album ‘SOS’, and it could become the next trendy Instagram song because of its popularity!

6. “Pink Venom” by BLACKPINK

Pink Venom is the song by K-pop band Blackpink that is breaking records with millions of views! It is a hip-hop song that could easily fit in any of your Instagram stories.

7. “BREAK MY SOUL” by Beyoncé

Break My Soul by Beyonce bragged a Billboard number-one spot after 14 years- and for a good reason too! This song is soothing to ears and a trend on Instagram, do you need any more reasons?

8. “Party” by Bad Bunny ft. Rauw Alejandro

Party by Bad Bunny is a funky party song that is trending now on Instagram! If you want to add a happy party song on Insta, this is a great choice!

9. “The Loneliest Time” by Carly Rae Jepsen ft. Rufus Wainwright

Its epic intro with the sound of violins and its beautiful lyrics makes for a superb choice for your IG story!

10. “Happiness” by The 1975


Happiness is literally a happy song and you can add it to your IG stories to give it a happy vibe too!

11. “Where You Are” by PinkPatheress ft. WILLOW

Its short and sweet chorus can smoothly fit as a background track for any of your Instagram stories.

12. Calling Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse by METRO BOOMIN

Ever since the release of the movie Calling Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, its title track has been listened by many. You can use this popular song for Instagram stories.

13. Dance The Night (From Barbie The Album) by Dua Lipa

This song by Dua Lipa is getting famous for its Disco vibes, and her gorgeous voice. This new song could be a good choice for your Instagram stories.

14. “Bad Habit” by Steve Lacy

Some songs have the ability to catch the interest of viewers in a mere 15-second video reel on Instagram and Bad Habit by Steve Lacy is one of them.

15. “As It Was” by Harry Styles

Sung by the famous British singer Harry Styles, is another one of his trending songs good for Instagram just like Watermelon Sugar.

16. KAROL G, Shakira – TQG 

It is the latest trending Billboard song by KAROL G and Shakira and this song is so infectious that getting it on your Instagram story could make it infectious too!

17. Cupid- Twin version by FIFTY FIFTY

Cupid is a cute romantic song about finding love through Cupid that is trending on Instagram stories. So, what are you waiting for? Just use this catchy song on your Instagram stories and increase your view count!

18. Daylight by David Kushner

The song is trending everywhere since its release in April and a song that can be a good storytelling song for your Instagram reel.

19. “Last Night” by Morgan Wallen

Last Night is the latest song by Morgan Wallen is his most streamed song and is a romantic song to add to your latest Instagram story.

20. Unholy by Kim Petras

Unholy is a song that everyone has already heard hundreds of times, right? It is trending on Instagram because of its music which has the ability to catch anybody’s attention.

So there you have it, the ultimate list of trending English songs for your Instagram stories! Don’t forget to share your favorite picks and let us know how they elevated your Instagram game.

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